Rules Update

2017-18 Rules Update


  1. Recommend approval of the implementation of a form of Paired Comparison Analysis (PCA) for the final round of evaluation at State.
  1. Revise the proctor’s instructions time warnings:
    1. HS/MG/JV: 60 minutes remain, 30 minutes remain, 5 minutes remain, 30 seconds remain
    2. EL: 30 minutes remain, 15 minutes remain, 5 minutes remain, 30 seconds remain
    3. Showcase: 40 minutes remains, 20 minutes remain, 5 minutes remain, 30 seconds remain
  1. Upon designating a paper as an “alert” paper, Contest Managers must notify an administrator from the host school immediately. The alert paper shall be scored as assigned to the readers.
  1. At Regions where there are only three districts, require the addition of a non-coach reader so that each Composition booklet can be scored three times.


  1. Elementary Division to be scored for Specific Criteria in Step 4 since there is a sub-component to Step 4 in Step 6–Criteria in the Development of the Action Plan.
  2. All FPS pre-scores in Step 2, 4 and 5 for MG and HS Region and State Finals will become mandated scores. These scores will be returned to the FPS and Composition coordinator before scoring begins and must be adopted by the evaluators when scoring these steps.

Composition & FPS

  1. At State Finals, KAAC approval must be obtained for readers or evaluators to score outside of their grade level.

Quick Recall

  1. Add the text in bold to the QR Manual, page 15, #5: “ If a coach identifies a team or student name in the inquiry, the Chief Official shall ignore the inquiry.”
  2. Add the text in bold to the QR Manual, p. 30: Teams, coaches or spectators may not engage in behavior that, in the judgment of the match officials, is considered disruptive to the other team. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to, excessive body gestures or displays of emotion, extraneous noise, or other actions outside the bounds of proper decorum. Such prohibited behavior includes excessive congratulatory exclamations (“Good job!”, etc.). Should such behavior occur, match officials shall issue the following warning: “Officials’ time out. A warning is issued to <team or individual> for disruptive behavior. Further infractions shall result in a one-point penalty or ejection.” If that warning is not heeded, officials may then assess the one-point penalty or, in cases of egregious unsportsmanlike behavior, eject the offending party or parties from the competition room.
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