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Hart County Invitational (HS) 11/17/2018

Hart County High School, 1014 S. Dixie Hwy., Munfordville, KY  42765

$60 entry fee

$10 if you would like copies of the questions

If you are interested in playing two teams, $50 entry fee for the second team.

The tournament will use Governor’s Cup Quick Recall Rules.  The morning will be round-robin to determine placement in the afternoon. There is a single elimination tournament in the afternoon.

Please contact Burke Chenoweth for additional information or to register for the tournament at


Dunbar Bulldog MG & JV Tournament 11/3/2018

The Paul Laurence Dunbar High School Academic Team will be hosting a Quizbowl and FPS tournament for middle school teams (grades 6-8) as well as JV high school teams (grades 9-10) on November 3, 2018. Registration will begin at 8:30 AM, the team meeting for the tournament will begin at 8:40, and tournament play will begin at 9:15.

The cost for the tournament is $70 per Quizbowl team and $40 per FPS team. You can pay on the day of the tournament or send it in beforehand to: PL Dunbar High School, Attn: Academic Team, 1600 Man O’ War Blvd, Lexington, KY 40513. Please make all checks payable to Paul Laurence Dunbar High School.

Lunch will be available at Dunbar for just $5 per person. This includes two slices of pizza, a cookie, and a drink.

We will be using NAQT IS-180A for JV and NAQT MS-28 throughout the day, worksheets will be house-written, and the FPS future scene will be house produced and scored. Questions will be given at the end of the day along with FPS Future Scene and feedback.

All Quizbowl teams will play round-robin style in the morning. Based off their morning performance, all teams will be re-bracketed and matched with teams with similar records.

If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Angus Maske or Ben Crawford

Old Christmas Classic – Floyd Central HS – MG/HS – 1/5/2019

Where:           Floyd Central High School

When:            January 5, 2019—Registration is from 7:45 to 8:30 AM EST

Cost:               $75.00 per team

Old Christmas is the traditional day when Appalachian families celebrated Christmas, on January 6. This is still marked around the world in a number of other ways—the traditional 12th day of Christmas, the Feast of the Epiphany…but for traditional mountain families, it was a holdover from the days when their European forbears refused to switch from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar, which cut eleven days from the year. Most families do not celebrate Old Christmas anymore, but many across our aging population can tell you about when they did. So, why not celebrate it with a good, old-fashioned academic team tournament? We will offer a few small touches nodding to the celebration of Old Christmas, and include some trivia from the holiday within our quick recall matches. A few articles about Old Christmas are listed here for your studying pleasure. 

Written Assessment

Each participating team may enter 3 students in each of the following written assessment areas: arts and humanities, language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. There will be only one round of written assessment. You will be provided with copies of each assessment after the match.


Quick Recall Procedures

Quick recall matches will begin at 10:00 AM.  Three preliminary rounds will be played before lunch to establish rankings for the championship round. The teams with the better preliminary records will meet teams with poorer records. All teams are guaranteed four rounds of quick recall.  Match rules will follow Governor’s Cup guidelines.


All schools participating must provide at least one moderator.  We encourage all schools to bring a qualified quick recall judge. Also, additional persons to act as scorers and spotters would be greatly appreciated. Each school should provide a minimum of two proctors for the written assessment block. Also, each school should bring at least one working buzzer system; additional systems are appreciated.



Students placing in the top 5 in their respective written assessment area will receive an individual achievement award. The top four quick recall teams will also receive an award, as will the overall winner of the classic (points will be awarded for placement similar to Governor’s Cup guidelines).



Please reply with your intent by December 3, 2018. The registration form may be e-mailed to Brent Hutchinson ( Checks should be made payable to the FCHS Academic Team. Please mail an additional copy of your registration form and non-refundable check to FCHS Academic Team, c/o Bobby Sullivan, 651 Ky. Rt. 680 W, Eastern, KY 41622 by Dec. 3.

If you have any questions, call Brent Hutchinson at 606-785-5475 or 606-438-5455, or e-mail . We are happy to assist teams needing local hotels or other accommodations. FCHS Academic Boosters will also be providing concessions and lunch for adults and students during the day as there are no ultra convenient restaurants near Floyd Central. However, FCHS is very convenient to US 23 as well as KY Hwy. 80, which runs throughout eastern and southern Kentucky. Don’t think you can’t get to us; it’s easier than you might think!

For registration form visit the following:

2018 FPS International Conference Results


JR Division

Winburn Middle School   2nd Place: Coach Sangeeta Kadambi

Team Members: Chakrapani Gudlavalleti, Tyler Loux, Layth Rahman, Justin Wong


Rosa Parks Elementary 7th Place: Coach Sangeeta Kadambi

Team Members: Rithika Chopra, Hasita Karthikeyan, Natalie Liu, Sia Vaish


MG Division

Johnson County Middle 2nd  Place: Coach Pam Burton

Team Members: Macy Conley, Lakyn Daniels, Rebecca Spradlin, Olivia Estep


Heath Middle School 8th Place: Coach Melissa Bryan

Team Members: Karsyn Allard, Abby Beth, Hannah Bryan, Ava Kelly


Calloway Co. Middle School 9th Place: Coaches Whitney Pile and Brianna Madden

Team Members: Drake Calhoon, Rheagan Jones, Laken McDaniel, Ellie Whisman


SR Division

Johnson Central High School 8h Place: Coach Debbie Lemaster

Team Members: Blake Cochran, Leah Blair, Emily Adkins, Sarah Thompson


Adair County High School 9th Place: Coach Brett Reliford

Team Members: Arabella Caldwell, Benjamin Hancock, Christopher Stuchell, Lejano Zavalija


Presentation of Action Plan

JR Division

Highland Elementary 3rd Place: Coach Andrea Hall

Team Members: Gabe Conley, Hannah Piedad, Kiersten Sagraves, John Maynard, Bethany Chapman, Sophia Spradlin, & Jadyn Estep.


SR Division

St. Henry District High School 1st Place: Coaches Jennifer Ihrig and Melinda Gould

Team Members: Aaron Ihrig, Zach Owen, Ashlyn Schlake, Griffin Gould, Noah Francis


Individual FPS (GIPS)

JR Division

W.R. Castle Memorial Elementary 1st Place: Coach Rachael Slone

Kaylyn McKenzie


SR Division

McCracken County High School 2nd Place: Coach Melissa Bryan

Katelyn Woodard


duPont Manual High School 3rd Place: Coach Jill Lauroesch

Pranav Senthilvel


MAGIC (Alternates Competition)

JR Division

W.R. Castle Memorial Elementary 1st Place: Coach Rachael Slone

Constance Martin and participants from California, Florida, and Mississippi


MG Division

Heath Middle School 1st Place: Coach Melissa Bryan

Bailey Bowland and participants from Arizona, Colorado and Florida


Calloway County Middle School 3rd Place:  Coaches Whitney Pile and Brianna Madden

Madison Duncan & participants from Mississippi, Texas, Washington       


SR Division

Paul Laurence Dunbar High School 1st Place: Coach Ben Crawford

Eleanor Liu and participants from Florida, Illinois, and Texas


McCracken County High School 2nd Place: Coach Melissa Bryan

Noah Ellis and participants from Florida and Texas


ADULT Division

1st Place Coach Sangeeta Kadambi and participants from Missouri, Virginia and Washington


2nd  Place Coach Scott Sexton and participants from Massachusetts, Nebraska and Wisconsin     


CmPS (Community Problem Solving) Team


JR Division

Beyonder Award identified as the most outstanding projects from all submissions

Highland Elementary Project, “Foster Friends” Coach Andrea Hall


Highland Elementary 1st Place Human Services Category, “Foster Friends”:  Coach Andrea Hall

Team Members: Gabe Conley, John Maynard, Trent Cox, Jadyn Estep, Kiersten Sagraves, Bethany Chapman, Madelyn Burchett, & Clara Bolden


Central Elementary 2nd Place Environmental Concerns CategoryProject Eagle Wings”:  Coaches Tonya Mullins and Miranda Duncan

Team Members: Bruce Penix, Gage Salyer, Payne Holbrook, Landon Fitch, Karlee “Abbie’ McKenzie, Alexis Howard, Megan Crum, Madison Crum, Kiley Hall, Cassidy Ramey


Flat Gap Elementary 3rd Place Education Category “Project Waterhounds”: Coaches Nikki Ferguson and Larissa Witten

Team Members: Emily Williams, Bryce Ferguson, Brady Ferguson, Hailee Williams, Delilah Back, Kyleigh Sparks, Ava O’Bryan, Chloe Spradlin, Abigail Ramey, Nickolas Fyffe, Maggie Blevins


W.R. Castle Memorial Elementary 2nd Place Human Services Category “Project Snooze”: Coaches Heather Campbell, Gaylena Burchett and Rachael Slone

Team Members: Adara Campbell, Brannan Campbell, Adyson Burchett, Kaylyn McKenzie, Loralei Arms, Haylee Marsillett, Brailyn Harless, Lauren Trimble, Jacob Bowen, Logan Frazier, Cain Grim,  Cole Butcher, Constance Martin, Kaylee Gibbs,


MG Division

Johnson County Middle School 1st Place Human Services Category “Project Hand in Hand, Bless One Bless Two”:  Coaches Pam Burton and Brenda Dyer

Team Members: Leslie Jeffiers, Ava Cochran, Lindsay Cochran, Jules Davis, Brayden Pickle, Hunter Burchett, Chloe Dyer, Tierzah Salyer


SR Division

duPont Manual High School 1st Place Education Category  “Project STEM+Y”: Coach Jill Lauroesch

Team Members: Samhita Lellapalli, Betty Ngo, Bhargav Ramesh, Pranav Senthilvel, Sandra Temgoua, Allison Tu


CmPS (Community Problem Solving) Individual

JR Division

Highland Elementary 1st Place “Project Breaking Boundaries”: Coach Andrea Hall

Emily Farler


Scenario Writing

MG Division

McCracken County High School 4th Place: Coach Melissa Bryan

Hannah Hatton with a scenario, Visions


On-site Scenario Writing Team

JR Division

Heath Middle School  2nd Place: Coach Melissa Bryan   Kentucky

Mya Kelly and participants from Minnesota and Wisconsin


MG Division

McCracken County High School 3rd Place: Coach Melissa Bryan

Hannah Hatton and participants from Florida, Mississippi and Singapore


Barbourville City School 2nd Place: Coach Marsha Hubbs

Peyton Mills and participants from Connecticut, Wisconsin and Turkey


SR Division

Johnson Central High School 1st Place: Coach Debbie Lemaster

Peyton Duncan and participants from New Jersey and Virginia


Best Scenario Writer in the Senior Division: Coach Debbie Lemaster

Johnson Central High School

Peyton Duncan


Barbourville City School 2nd Place: Coach Marsha Hubbs

Peyton Mills and participants from Connecticut, Wisconsin and Turkey


Scenario Performance

MG Division

Winburn Middle School   3rd Place: Coach Sangeeta Kadambi

McKenna Sun 


South Laurel Cardinal Classic (6th and 6th-8th) – 11/17/2018


Saturday, November 17th, 2018


South Laurel Middle School in London, KY – just 2 miles off of I-75

Who can compete?

Our tournament features two divisions – an Open Division and a Sixth-Grade Division.  The Open Division is made up of teams of any combination of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.  The Sixth-Grade division is open only to sixth graders.  Sixth grade students who compete in the Open Division cannot compete in the Sixth-Grade Division.

How much does it cost?

Open Division – $60 per team (a school can enter a second team for $50)

Sixth-Grade Division – $50 per team (limit one per school)

Written Assessment

The day will begin with one written assessment window.  The top ten students in each subject (M, SC, SS, LA, AH) will be recognized at the awards ceremony in the auditorium.  There will be separate assessments for the open division and for the sixth-grade division.

Quick Recall

Each team in both divisions will play a MINIMUM of four rounds of quick recall.  Each team is required to bring one experienced moderator (who will also judge if needed).  High school students are permitted to serve in any official capacity.  A $15 discount is offered for schools who bring an extra moderator/judge.  The tournament will follow KAAC quick recall format.  Teams will begin the day in group play and the results will be used to seed a single elimination bracket in the afternoon.

Why should I bring my team?

Our tournament is timed perfectly to provide good competition for your sixth-graders just before Sixth Grade Showcase.  It’s also a great opportunity to provide valuable competition for your team as the academic leagues wind down and focus turns to Governor’s Cup.


To reserve your spot contact Chris Hibbard at (606) 862-4745 or via email at

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