State Severe Weather Plan


**UPDATE 3/08/2017

There are some long-range forecasts that present the possibility of a snow event this weekend.

Because of the logistical and calendar issues involved in an event the size of State Finals, it would take a very widespread, significant weather event to force a delay or postponement. A snow event that might cancel a local competition might not necessarily force a cancellation of State Finals.

Any Severe Weather Plan statement will be posted on this page. As we get closer to the weekend, and receive more weather information, we will announce a time at which we will issue that statement.

**UPDATE 3/09/2017 9:19 AM**

At this time, all events are planned as scheduled. Another evaluation will be made Friday morning and posted here.

NOTE: Breaking news indicates that Louisville will receive a visit from Vice-President Pence on Saturday. This may impact travel. We will update this page as more information becomes available.

**UPDATE 3/10/2017**

All events are on their regular schedule.

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