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South Laurel Cardinal Classic (6th and 6th-8th) – 11/17/2018


Saturday, November 17th, 2018


South Laurel Middle School in London, KY – just 2 miles off of I-75

Who can compete?

Our tournament features two divisions – an Open Division and a Sixth-Grade Division.  The Open Division is made up of teams of any combination of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.  The Sixth-Grade division is open only to sixth graders.  Sixth grade students who compete in the Open Division cannot compete in the Sixth-Grade Division.

How much does it cost?

Open Division – $60 per team (a school can enter a second team for $50)

Sixth-Grade Division – $50 per team (limit one per school)

Written Assessment

The day will begin with one written assessment window.  The top ten students in each subject (M, SC, SS, LA, AH) will be recognized at the awards ceremony in the auditorium.  There will be separate assessments for the open division and for the sixth-grade division.

Quick Recall

Each team in both divisions will play a MINIMUM of four rounds of quick recall.  Each team is required to bring one experienced moderator (who will also judge if needed).  High school students are permitted to serve in any official capacity.  A $15 discount is offered for schools who bring an extra moderator/judge.  The tournament will follow KAAC quick recall format.  Teams will begin the day in group play and the results will be used to seed a single elimination bracket in the afternoon.

Why should I bring my team?

Our tournament is timed perfectly to provide good competition for your sixth-graders just before Sixth Grade Showcase.  It’s also a great opportunity to provide valuable competition for your team as the academic leagues wind down and focus turns to Governor’s Cup.


To reserve your spot contact Chris Hibbard at (606) 862-4745 or via email at

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