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Bate Invitational (MG) – 1/11/2020

You are invited to participate in the 17th annual John W. Bate Middle School Academic Invitational – AKA – The “Winter Warm-Up” Quick Recall Tournament to be held on Saturday, January 11th, 2020. 

The cost to participate is $70.00 per team.  A school may enter two teams maximum. It is imperative that you bring at LEAST one QUALITY official, and a buzzer system with an operator.  If you can’t bring one then perhaps you can bring two of the other?  I do provide several officials and buzzer systems myself so if you REALLY, REALLY can’t bring one, the other, or both just check with me as I can accommodate a limited number of teams in this situation.  The officials and buzzer operators are the big deal as I can almost run the place with the buzzers systems that I have locally if necessary.

The tournament will follow Governor’s Cup format/rules with five teams per division to play 4 games in the morning rounds.  Teams will be seeded by strength of morning play for the afternoon, to again play four more rounds in the afternoon in their bracket which is seeded by strength of play in the morning.

Teams will all play 8 matches with trophies being awarded to the top eight teams along with individual medals for the top four teams.  All teams are guaranteed to get 8 rounds of questions valued at $15 per round too!

Please contact:  Tony Carney at (859) 516-2134 or to express your desire to participate.  

Hope to see you here in the New Year!

Dunbar Bulldog Tourney (MG/JV) 10/26/19

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding the 2019 Dunbar Bulldog Tournament on Saturday, October 26th. As with previous years, we will be hosting a middle school tournament and a parallel high school JV tournament (9th & 10th ONLY). We will be using NAQT MS-31 for the middle school division and NAQT 189-A for the JV division, and we will once again be following NAQT-style rules. We will also be continuing our tradition of themed worksheets, which will be completed at half-time by each team for each round. We are planning on having registration begin at 8:30, starting round 1 at 9, and hope to end around 4pm.
Registration will be $70 per quizbowl team and $40 per FPS team with a $5 buzzer discount. Lunch will be available at Dunbar for $5 per person, and will include two slices of pizza, a cookie, and a drink.

Please complete this google form to register:

Contact Ben Crawford at with any questions.

2019 SLMS Cardinal Classic (11/23/19)

Saturday, November 23rd, 2019

South Laurel Middle School in London, KY – just 2 miles off of I-75

Who can compete?
Our tournament features two divisions – an Open Division and a Sixth-Grade Division.  The Open Division is made up of teams of any combination of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.  The Sixth-Grade division is open only to sixth graders.  Sixth grade students who compete in the Open Division cannot compete in the Sixth-Grade Division.

How much does it cost?
Open Division – $60 per team (a school can enter a second team for $50)

Sixth-Grade Division – $60 per team (limit one per school)

Written Assessment
The day will begin with one written assessment window.  The top ten students in each subject (M, SC, SS, LA, AH) will be recognized at the awards ceremony in the auditorium.  There will be separate assessments for the open division and for the sixth-grade division.

Quick Recall
Each team in both divisions will play a MINIMUM of six (but probably eight) rounds of quick recall.  Each team is required to bring TWO officials, one of whom can serve as a moderator and/or judge.  High school students are permitted to serve as scorekeepers, buzzer operators, and moderators.  A $15 discount is offered for schools who bring a third moderator/judge.  The tournament will follow KAAC quick recall format.  Teams will take part in pool play in the morning and those results will be used to seed new pools in the afternoon.  This will allow all teams a chance for success throughout the day.  Afternoon pool play will be used to place 4 teams into the championship and 3rd place matches.

Why should I bring my team?
Our tournament is perfectly timed to provide good competition for your sixth-graders just before Sixth Grade Showcase.  It’s also a great opportunity to provide valuable competition for your team as the academic leagues wind down and focus turns to Governor’s Cup.

Our 2018 tournament featured the eventual quick recall state champions, the eventual state fourth place quick recall team, a state quarterfinalist, and two more teams who advanced to the “Smart 16” at the state finals.  Our 6th Grade division featured four teams who went on to become sectional champs and 3 teams that would finish as sectional runners-up.

To reserve your spot contact Chris Hibbard at (606) 682-6571 or via email at

Goddard Memorial 3 – MG – Rockcastle Co. – 10/19/2019

Third Annual Robert H. Goddard Memorial Academic Tournament (Middle School)– Rockcastle County High School – 10/13/2018

Registration is from 7:30 to 8:30 AM EST

Rockcastle County High School, Mt. Vernon, KY

Format: one round of Written Assessment, at least six rounds of Quick Recall

Contact person and phone/email: Herbie Brock, 859-200-3258 or at

Cost: $70.00 per team, $10 discount if providing two experienced moderators

Registration deadline: Midnight Wednesday, October 9th, 2019

Online registration:


KY Quizbowl Alliance (MG) – 4/27/19



When: April 27, 2019 / Registration @ 8:30-9:15am EST :: Play begins @ 9:30am EST (or earlier, if we can manage it!)

Where: Noe Middle School :: 121 W Lee Street / Louisville KY 40208 Question Set: NAQT MS-30


NAQT Tournament Home Page:




Format and Rules: Games will consist of 20 tossups and the associated bonuses, split into two untimed halves. The general format will consist of preliminary round robins, followed by regrouping into another round robin based on performance in the prelims. While we cannot guarantee a specific number of games at this time, we *can* guarantee that we will do our best to provide *all* teams with at least 7 games. In our previous tournaments, all teams played between 8 and 10 games.


We will be playing with NAQT’s standard rules, scoring, and timing, with the sole exception of untimed halves. In particular, we will **not be using bounce-back bonuses** to allow teams to prepare for the ruleset at MSNCT.



First team: $70 / Subsequent teams: $60 each Bringing a buzzer system: -$10 each (up to 2) * Teams traveling over 150 miles (one way): -$10 Teams bringing a staffer: -$10 each ** Minimum fee (per team): $40


New to quiz bowl discount — Any school that has not participated in a pyramidal quiz bowl tournament (e.g., a tournament run on NAQT questions, or any tournament using pyramidal tossups and three-part

bonuses) between September 1, 2017 and January 1, 2019 automatically qualifies for the minimum fee of $40 per team.


* – For the purposes of this discount, the buzzer system must conform to NAQT’s guidelines for its national tournaments. In particular, systems must be wired, and must be able to operate independently of a computer.

This means that Inquisitor systems are *not* eligible for this discount.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


** – If your team can bring a moderator that has experience reading quiz bowl with NAQT timings, PLEASE let me know as soon as possible.


Contact: Jason Thompson —

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