Coach Certification of Officials

Step 1–Become KAAC-certified

If you are a coach that has been certified either at the KAAC Conference or at a KAAC-sponsored state clinic, you may certify the required officials you need to participate in KAAC Quick Recall. You may certify other officials or assistant coaches, but not another Quick Recall head coach. All Quick Recall head coaches must be certified at a KAAC-sponsored clinic.

We recommend this process for experienced coaches only. New coaches should send uncertified officials to a state clinic.

Step 2–Conduct your training

Refer to Appendix B in theĀ Quick Recall Manual

Use the appropriate Quick Recall Training PowerPoints to supplement your training.

Step 3–Have your official take the online quiz

After your training, your official must successfully complete an online quiz before receiving a certification number. The following topics are covered on the quiz:

  1. Duties of officials
  2. Inquiry process time frame
  3. Overtime period parameters
  4. When a timeout may be called
  5. Match timing parameters–all grade levels
  6. Hesitation
  7. Bonus questions–who may answer, designation procedure, bounce-back
  8. Moderator error
  9. Interrupted tossups
  10. Scoring–point value, symbols

The quiz is 20 questions and takes just a few minutes to complete. A score of 16 is passing. There are no other restrictions on the quiz; you are free to use your Manual, and you may take the quiz as many times as necessary.

Make sure your official has your Quick Recall certification number. They will need it to complete their registration. By clicking below, your official affirms that he or she has been trained in Quick Recall rules by you or another KAAC-certified coach.

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