Participation Requirements

The participation requirements for Governor’s Cup are below. Visit the JV Challenge or Sixth Grade Showcase home pages for those events.

In Governor’s Cup, there are participation requirements each school must meet in order to compete. This is necessary in order to fully staff the event with competent adult officials.

Coaching Certification

In order to take part in Quick Recall or FPS, before District competition the Quick Recall coach and the Future Problem Solving coach must be certified in their respective event(s). No specific training is required to enter students in Composition and Written Assessment.

You can check certification status using the menu at left.

Officials’ Certification

Each school is required to supply the following officials for each event in which a school registers at each level of Governor’s Cup Competition:

Quick Recall–District

1 certified official who must be listed on the District Entry Form as a judge or moderator

Quick Recall—Regional

Two certified officials, one of which must be listed as a judge or moderator. The team may still compete with only one official offered, but may be fined up to $25 by the host school. The head Quick Recall coach may not serve as the required Quick Recall official. The required Quick Recall official must be available to serve in any officiating capacity at all times, during any round of Quick Recall. Failure to do so may result in the disqualification of that official’s Quick Recall team.

Quick Recall–State Finals

Each school must provide a certified scorer, or a timer who will serve as a buzzer operator. An experienced and competent judge or moderator may also fulfill this requirement, pending KAAC approval. Each official must be available during all Sunday rounds for their particular grade level.

Future Problem Solving–District

1 certified evaluator – the FPS coach cannot evaluate in his or her own District

Future Problem Solving–Regional

1 certified evaluator (may be the FPS coach) – if the same person is designated to serve as Composition reader, that person is prohibited from scoring both events in the same day.

Future Problem Solving–State Finals

1 certified evaluator (may be the FPS coach). The evaluator may not also serve as a Composition reader.

Written Assessment—District and Regional, 8 or more students entered

2 proctors or graders

Written Assessment—District and Regional, 7 or fewer students entered

1 proctor or grader

Written Assessment—State Finals, 4 or more students entered

1 proctor– KAAC reserves the right to assign a Middle Grades official to a High School exam and vice versa


1 reader – this reader should be accustomed to evaluating student writing at the grade level for which they serve


The school the District champion represents must provide a reader. If the same person is designated to serve as an FPS evaluator, that person is prohibited from scoring both events in the same day. The required reader must be identified by the Planning Meeting, or the Composition student(s) from that school are disqualified and the required reader responsibility falls to the school represented by the second place student.

Composition–State Finals

The school the Regional champion represents must provide a reader. The reader may not also serve as an FPS evaluator. KAAC approval must be obtained for readers or evaluators to score outside of the grade level in which they have experience.

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