How-To Manual for Governor’s Cup Coaches

This 36-page manual includes practice strategies, team selection options, and practical forms you can use or adapt for your own purposes.

 Table of Contents

  1.  Kentucky Association for Academic Competition
  2. Governor’s Cup Overview
  3. Governor’s Cup Glossary
  4. How to Get Faculty and Administrators On Board
  5. How To Pay For and Manage Your Program
  6. How To Manage Your Time
  7. How To Secure Help
  8. How to Select Your Team
  9. How to Set Rules and Behavior Standards
  10. How to Use the KAAC Content Guidelines
  11. How To Secure and Develop Practice Materials
  12. How to Practice for Quick Recall
  13. How to Practice for Written Assessment
  14. How to Practice for Future Problem Solving
  15. How to Practice for Composition
  16. How to Use Practice Statistics
  17. How to Reach Higher
  18. Sample Statistics and Coach Administration Forms

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