KAAC plans to offer its full menu of competitive opportunities to Kentucky students this year, including Governor’s Cup, JV Challenge, and the Kentucky Colonels Sixth Grade Showcase.

We’re hopeful pandemic conditions will allow for traditional in-person competitions, but if not we are also preparing online formats of all our events, including Quick Recall. Depending on pandemic travel restrictions, students could take part in online events at host sites, at their own school, or at home. Online events will include security protocols that help us maintain the high level of integrity our events are known for.

Further information, including revised membership deadlines, will be posted here and emailed to coaches. The format for each event will be announced a few weeks in advance of those deadlines so schools may make informed choices about their participation.

Our annual conference has been cancelled.

Due to the pandemic, anyone certified last year in Quick Recall or FPS will be grandfathered in for our 2020-21 events. Online training will be available for anyone new needing certification for the coming year.

Thank you for your participation and we look forward to another successful year!


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