COVID-19 Accommodations and Protocols

As of June 2021

  • The Department of Public Health has determined that Berea’s dorms can accommodate two persons per room and meet all social distancing requirements due to the size of the spaces and the upgraded HVAC systems that have been installed
  • Dining Services employees and all Berea College employees are in Vaccination Phase 1C, which should begin in the next week in the State of KY. On campus employees are randomly COVID tested and are required to submit a negative COVID test prior to returning to campus for any reason.
  • Masks are required for unvaccinated campers while in public areas indoors. Masks are not required in private dorm spaces.
  • Fogging technology is being used in rooms to sanitize and disinfect prior to all group arrivals. Virex (a hospital-grade disinfectant) is what is being used to clean all surfaces.
  • Rapid testing is available in Berea and if a camper develops symptoms, they will need to quarantine until a negative test is received.
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