Governor’s Cup Camp Staff

Governor’s Cup camps are staffed by Kentucky’s best academic team coaches and teachers. Former competitors often serve as RAs.


  • Prepare instructional materials to teach each day
  • Provide campers with take-home handouts
  • Give and grade daily quizzes
  • Help tutor students during non-instructional times
  • Write Quick Recall questions for Friday’s subject area tourney
  • Moderate (or designate someone to moderate) Friday’s tournament matches in the subject area you teach
  • Present awards in your subject area at the closing ceremony.
  • Stipend: $350 per class taught, based on full enrollment

We try not to ask Lead Teachers to work Quick Recall, or to serve as Resident Counselors.

Resident Counselors

  • Perform typical camp RA duties involving supervision and problem solving
  • Read for Quick Recall practices and tourneys
  • If qualified and asked, help tutor students during non-instructional times
  • Perform other duties as assigned
  • Stipend: $300


Staff Application

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