Advance Students to State

Congratulations on advancing to State! Please read these instructions carefully, then login below.

First: Make sure your browser is up-to-date and supported. You will experience difficulty if you are using an older, non-supported browser. Please use Internet Explorer 11 or higher, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Safari 9+. We do not recommend the Firefox browser. Older operating systems will also cause problems for you; please use Windows 8 or higher, or Mac OSX.

Advancing to State are:

  • The first and second place Quick Recall and FPS teams
  • The top five students, plus any students tied for fifth, in Written Assessment and Composition
  • Any student that scored a 40 or above in Written Assessment, regardless of place

You will need the following information:

  1. Your Governor’s Cup coach password
  2. The following info on your Quick Recall Officials, if your school finished 1st or 2nd:
    ·         Name
    ·         Cell
    ·         Email
    ·         Quick Recall certification number
    ·         Preferred Role (Judge, Moderator, Scorer, Buzzer Operator)
    ·         Their availability for the weekend
  3. The following info on your FPS Evaluator, if your school finished 1st or 2nd:
    ·         Name (this can be the FPS Coach at State)
    ·         Cell
    ·         Email
    ·         FPS Certification Number
  4. The following info on your Composition Reader, if your school finished 1st:
    ·         Name
    ·         Cell
    ·         Email
  5. The following info on your Written Assessment Proctor(s):
    ·         Name
    ·         Cell
    ·         Email
  6. Your State Quick Recall roster (12 students max), if you finished 1st or 2nd at Regional
  7. Your State FPS roster (6 students max), if you finished 1st or 2nd at Regional

Required Officials for State

Quick Recall
Each school must provide:

  • A certified scorer


  • a spotter/timer who will serve as an Inquisitor buzzer operator


  • An experienced and competent judge or moderator (pending KAAC approval)

Each official must be available during all day Sunday for their particular grade level. This includes being available for the initial organizational/assignment meeting.  

Future Problem Solving
1 certified evaluator (may be the FPS coach). The evaluator may not also serve as a Composition reader. FPS evaluators must be experienced at the grade level for which they serve.

Written Assessment—4  or more students entered
1 proctors or grader

The school the Regional champion represents must provide a reader. The reader may not also serve as an FPS evaluator.

Good luck at State! Click the link below.


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