Governor’s Cup Format

All events will be held online.

Student Location

If allowed by school policy and COVID protocol compliance, students should compete online at their school. Students may also compete online from home if school policy allows for virtual or hybrid instruction.

Students competing at home are monitored via videoconference; students competing from school are also monitored by a physical proctor.

Quick Recall

  • Quick Recall will use the QuizBowl PRO online platform. An unlimited number of coach subscriptions are free to all Governor’s Cup schools until March 17, 2021.
  • Get your free subscription(s) here.
  • These instructional videos are available for familiarization, as well as selected workshops.
  • Quiz Bowl Pro works in tandem with videoconferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. It is browser-based, and there is nothing to download or install.
  • Coaches shall determine their videoconferencing platform of choice as part of the planning process.
  • To ensure a hassle-free experience, make sure you follow the guidelines at the back of the Quick Recall Manual and Online Guide linked below.

For Quick Recall rules and to learn more about online Quick Recall:

Written Assessment

Written Assessment takes place on KAAC’s custom testing platform.

Coaches: for testing, students will need the information below. This information is available for you to download after *after the Student Entry Period ends* when you login with your Coach password into the ASAP scoring sytem:

  • their three-digit Written Assessment ID number
  • their District number (or Region number at that level)
  • their password for each test they are taking
  • an email address to receive feedback (their own, or their coach’s)
  • an approved calculator if taking Mathematics

Coaches are responsible for relaying this information to students before testing.

When directed by their proctor on the monitoring videoconference, students login to the testing platform. Student results are emailed to coaches later that evening.

To see a demo video from our Sixth Grade Showcase event, click below. Note that it refers to “Section” rather than “District” or Region.”

Composition and FPS

Composition and FPS participants will complete their booklets using a customized Word or Gogle Sheets document, which will then be distributed for scoring. Practice prompts and Future Scenes will be available for familiarization purposes.

Security Protocols

Written Assessment and Composition

Students competing at school are to be proctored by someone other than the Showcase coach or the guardian of a participant of the event being proctored. If possible, this proctor would have no affiliation with the school they proctor. If separated into multiple rooms, a participant’s guardian could proctor the room in which their child is not competing. Students shall be monitored both by a physical proctor and via videoconference. Proctor instructions for students shall include ethics guidelines for fair test-taking. Proctors shall record competition sessions if permitted by school policy.

Students competing at home are proctored via teleconference by someone other than the team coach. Proctor instructions for students shall include ethics guidelines for fair test-taking. Proctors shall record competition sessions if permitted by school policy.

Quick Recall

Students are monitored via teleconference. The Quiz Bowl Pro platform also alerts officials if a student opens another browser tab.

Dress Rehearsals

To prepare for the transition to online competition, and identify any potential trouble spots, KAAC will will offer each District free questions for “dress rehearsals” to be conducted before competitions.

Quick Recall Volunteers Needed!

We’re looking for experienced folks who can assist our host schools administer online Quick Recall. Moderators, judges, hosts/buzzer operators, and those skilled in tourney setup/administration are in high demand! Visit this link to volunteer.

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