Guidelines for Rescheduling Governor’s Cup

Regularly scheduled Governor’s Cup events may only be postponed due to severe weather, natural disaster, or reasons involving public health or safety. Governor’s Cup may not be rescheduled for the purpose of avoiding conflicts with other events. Failure to comply with these guidelines shall result in disqualification.

Only a school principal, superintendent or assistant superintendent may request a postponement or delay. If a request is made to delay or postpone a Regional competition, that request must be approved by KAAC. If the requesting school, however, does not cancel all activities, including athletic events, the administrator’s request will not be honored.

Once a severe weather plan is enacted:

  1. All students in each respective event must compete at the same time.
  2. All Saturday events must be completed, weather permitting, by the Friday following the scheduled competition date.

Because travel conditions may vary within a District or Region, the decision to delay or postpone the competition rests with the local Contest Manager.  Communication and advance planning will eliminate frustration on the part of all participating schools.

The same questions and exams are used at all sites, regardless of the date of the competition. KAAC relies on the integrity of the Contest Manager, officials and coaches in maintaining the confidentiality of competition materials.

Contest Managers must contact the participating coaches and schools if severe weather forces a change in the competition schedule.  The Contest Manager should also contact local and Regional radio and television stations to announce a delay or postponement.  All Contest Managers should be aware of the travel time required by the participating schools and plan such decisions accordingly.  The Contest Manager should provide a home telephone number for direct contact by coaches.

The timing of the decision to delay or postpone competition should reflect the severity of the weather conditions in the area.  If extreme weather conditions exist, the decision could be made as early as Friday morning.  In most cases, however, an early Saturday decision is best.  One year several Districts were postponed because of an inaccurate forecast; the Contest Managers made their decision too early and the competition was needlessly delayed.  Please remember, however, that the safety of the students is our primary concern; it is better to be overly cautious than to jeopardize their safety.


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