Rules Update

2019-20 Rules Update

Governor’s Cup Composition

  1. Background: The school whose Composition student places first at District must provide a reader for Regional Composition. Middle and High Schools whose Composition student places first at Regional must provide a reader for the State Finals. Coaches must confirm to the host school for Regional, or to KAAC for State Finals, the name of their required reader by published deadlines.
    Rules Clarification: If a coach fails to confirm their reader by that deadline, all the Composition participants from that school shall be disqualified. Should that disqualification occur, the responsibility for providing the reader falls to the school represented by the next highest placing student.
  2. Composition participants may only write one line of handwritten text per line in the booklet provided. Readers will be instructed to score by this guideline.
  3. Composition participants, like all other participants, must be accompanied to the competition site by an adult to be eligible to compete in the event.

Quick Recall

At High School Regional Governor’s Cup, and at JV Challenge, all Quick Recall matches from Round 4 onward shall be conducted without keeping match time. All questions will be read in each half.

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