JV Challenge

The Junior Varsity Challenge is a competitive opportunity designed for Kentucky’s ninth and tenth grade students, who sometimes are “lost” between the middle grades (6-8) and high school (9-12) Governor’s Cup Competition. Teams compete in “sections” of up to 8 teams each.

2020 Events

  • Coaches Planning Meeting – Oct. 22
  • Composition – Oct. 27
  • Five Written Assessments – Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts and Arts/Humanities – Nov. 7
  • Quick Recall—double elimination bracket when there are fewer than 8 teams—modified pool play for 8-team sections – Nov. 7

Online Competitions

Due the ongoing pandemic, all JV Challenge events shall be held online. Students will compete online at their school if permitted by school policy. Students prohibited by school policy from coming to school may compete from home.

More information

Participation guidelines

  • Only ninth and tenth grade students may compete.
  • Each school may have only one team.
  • If a school district’s ninth and tenth graders are enrolled in separate schools, the teams may participate either together or separately.
  • Students taking part in this event may also compete in Governor’s Cup Competition.
  • Each student may take part in a maximum of three events.
  • Each team may enter a maximum of three students in the written events and in Composition.
  • Each school participating in Quick Recall MUST provide TWO Quick Recall officials.
  • Each school participating in Composition MUST provide a reader.

Practice Questions

JV Challenge Order Form

More information

  • Content based on the Kentucky Program of Studies for ninth and tenth grades
  • There is no required reading for the Language Arts exam
  • All coaches will receive a Coaches’ Guide via email

Participation Certificate

JV Certificate

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