Breakout Sampler

Just a taste of some of the breakouts available to this year’s Coaches Conference attendees! The final schedule will be posted before September.

“Hey, do you want to coach academics?”
Elementary Only
Lead Presenter: Academic Coach Renae Plaxico, Paintsville Elementary School
If your principal has asked you that daunting question, “Hey, do you want to coach academics?” and you don’t even know where to start…this workshop is for you!  You will learn from a seasoned elementary academic team coach about how to begin the journey to your program’s success. Learn organizational skills, tips for recruiting students to the program, and how to turn your academic team into a successful experience for the kids.

Alexa Skill Blueprints for Academic Coaching
All Grade Levels
Lead Presenter: Academic Coach Alonzo Fugate, Breathitt County Schools
Using the Skill Blueprints option for Alexa, you will be able to have an “extra” academic coach which will go over academic questions with your team.  Do you ever have students who are not on the buzzer systems during practice?  Do you have more team members at practice than you do buzzers?  Alexa can interact with your students and ask them questions that you create from your own practice questions.  It can tell them if they are correct or incorrect.  It can even give follow-up information!  Use the power of technology and Alexa to help you increase your practice sessions!

Building a Winning Quick Recall Team
Middle Grades and High School
Lead Presenter: Academic Coach Eric Huff, J.L. Mann High School
Building a winning quick recall team is a challenge.  It requires recruiting and retaining the right students, organizing and running effective practices, and motivating and encouraging your team.  That’s a lot to take on!  In this workshop, we look at strategies to build a quick recall team that is consistently competitive. Coach Huff coached national powerhouse Dorman High School for 12 years and is a recipient of the 2008 Benjamin Cooper Academic Ambassador Award from PACE.

Making Your Coaching Life Easier with Google
All Grade Levels
Lead Presenter: KAAC Board Member Erin Waggoner
Tired of hand grading practice tests? Wish you could easily send reminders to your co-coaches? Want a better way to organize hosting materials? Come learn how Google Drive and the Google Suite can make your life easier!

Geography and History: A new approach.
Middle Grades and High School
Lead Presenter: Academic Coach Todd Garrison, Glasgow High School
Social studies competitors at Glasgow High School use this method to learn both the geography of and relevant history of a specific region. The continent of Africa will be our model for this presentation which will take you through the first 2 steps of a three to four lesson approach to covering Africa in detail.

The KQBA, Kentucky all-stars, and how quiz bowl can help your team
High School Only
Lead Presenter: KQBA Chairman Bryan Enders, Russell High School
The Kentucky Quiz Bow Alliance (KQBA) has recently been reorganized and is trying to reach out to help the state as a whole.  This presentation will focus on how quiz bowl can help make your team better for Governor’s Cup.  We will also spend time talking about the Kentucky all-star team.

JV Challenge: An Important Step in Building a Team
High School Only
Lead Presenter: Varsity Quick Recall Coach Derrick Staton, Sacred Heart Academy
As students transition into a high school environment, they can often be intimidated by Junior or Senior level players on your high school team. JV Challenge provides the perfect opportunity to make your young players feel valued. We will discuss the challenges of transitioning to a high school team, the format of JV Challenge, the goals and role of JV Challenge, and even delve into hosting the event.

Managing Governor’s Cup Content
All Grade Levels
Lead Presenter: HS Coach, AP World History/AP US Gov Teacher Herbie Brock, Herbie Brock
Strategies for breaking up the content into one week for each topic and running all five subjects concurrently. Topics and strategies discussed include:  When to start your season  – Sample practice schedules for EL, Sixth Grade, MG, JV, HS  – Where to find content  – Utilizing KAAC content  – How to search for content you are not familiar with  – Utilizing experienced team members to build content  – Utilizing older students to create and present content  – Assessing content easily using Quizlet  – Simple progress/ranking stats using Excel

Why You Should Have Summer Camp on Your Fall Schedule
All Grade Levels
Lead Presenter: Camp Instructor, Academic Coach Vicki Leibeck-Owsley, Adair County High School/Middle School
Maybe you’ve considered summer camp in the past but have yet to attend or send a player from your team. Maybe you’ve never even heard of summer academic camp. Before you think about trophies and Governor’s Cup awards, consider the fact that many of the annual award winners each year start their preparation for the season at KAAC Summer Camp. Make time to come by and learn why this camp should be promoted to your team members and how just one week out of the summer can affect your program for the rest of the year.

Planning for Success
All Grade Levels
Lead Presenter: FPS Trainer, retired coach Pamela Burton
Successful academic teams don’t just happen; they are the result of hard work and strategic planning.  Come and learn how to create a “powerhouse” team that continues to perform at exceptional levels. Don’t ignore the small details in coaching, and those details may make your team the next Governor’s Cup champion. Pam Burton coached Johnson County Middle School to fifteen State championships.

How Does THAT Team Know What to Study?
Elementary and Middle Grades
Lead Presenter: Coach & KAAC Trainer Melissa Bryan, Heath MS & McCracken HS
Does it seem like other teams know something you don’t about quick recall and written assessment questions? Have you wondered how they knew what topics to study? There is a method behind their success!  Come learn how to give your students more specific direction for their study and practice time.  This session will provide resource tips geared toward elementary and middle grades competition.

Ask an Expert
All Grade Levels
New to KAAC and/or Governor’s Cup, JV Challenge or Sixth Grade Showcase? Experienced, but have some questions? Come get those questions answered.

Practice Material on a budget
Middle Grades and High School
Lead Presenter: Academic Team Coach Kent Grannis, Fleming County High School
Some links and tips on locating practice questions and study material on a shoestring budget.

Moving On Up- How to Help Sixth Graders Adjust to Middle School Academic Team
Middle Grades Only
Lead Presenter: Academic Team Coach and KAAC Board Member Donovan Kerns, Royal Spring Middle School
Have you wondered how to help your new sixth grade students become better academic team participants? Have you looked at the difference in curriculum between fifth and sixth grade? Have you thought about participating in Sixth Grade Showcase but did not know how to prepare? In this workshop, we will look at different coaching strategies for sixth grade students.

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too! Balancing Quick Recall and FPS Coaching
All Grade Levels
Lead Presenter: Teacher, Academic Team Coach, School Board Member Tyler Murphy, Boyle County High School
Have a passion for both Quick Recall and Future Problem Solving? Why not coach both? It is possible to structure a team so that you’re supporting them as both a Quick Recall and Future Problem Solving coach. We’ll discuss tips, strategies, and methods to appropriately balancing both roles without burning yourself out.

Defense Against the Dark Language Arts: Resources and Strategies for Language Arts Wizardry
Middle Grades and High School
Lead Presenter: Academic Team Coach Bill Newsome, Grayson County High School
Do dreaded comma splices cut your Language Arts fun short? Are those pesky foreign words and phrases all Greek to you? Is trying to wrap your head around those feared Greek playwrights just too much drama? This session presents resources, practice strategies, and other ways to help prepare Language Arts wizards both in written assessment and quick recall. Try out these strategies and–presto–your students will be answering Language Arts questions like magic!

More breakouts on:

  • Hosting Governor’s Cup and other KAAC events
  • FPS District, Regional and State Topic preparation
  • Fundraising

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