Online Quick Recall

The QuizBowl PRO platform has been approved for use in this year’s JV Challenge and the Kentucky Colonels’ Sixth Grade Showcase, and is under consideration for Governor’s Cup.

There is no cost to schools and access to the QuizBowl PRO platform lasts until March 16, 2021. Schools can have unlimited co-coach subscriptions, which will allow for intrasquad scrimmages.

Sign-up Link

JV and Showcase schools are emailed a signup link within 2-3 days of registering for the event. Governor’s Cup schools were emailed a signup link on October 6 from If you did not receive this link, email

QuizBowl PRO Basics

  • Players, coaches and officials join a videoconference using Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or similar platforms.
  • The judge or moderator sets up the teams, rosters and match.
  • Students login using whatever browser they like after receiving the Match ID.
  • There is no buzzer system. Students ring in by clicking with their mouse.
  • The system automatically tallies scores. Officials can make adjustments if needed.

Rules Modifications

The following rules modifications are in effect for online Quick Recall:

  • All questions will be read in each half.
  • Moderators shall not be in the same room as student participants.
  • Officials shall wait 3-4 seconds before making a hesitation call.
  • There will be no bounce-back bonus.

Instructional Videos

To see the QuizBowl PRO platform in action:

Instructional Videos

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