Showcase Competition Details

All Sixth Grade Showcase events will be held online. Students will compete online at their school if permitted by school policy. Students prohibited by school policy from coming to school may compete from home.

Quick Recall

  • Quick Recall will use the Quiz Bowl Pro platform
  • These instructional videos are available for familiarization
  • Showcase schools will receive a sign-up link via email from KAAC after registering.
  • Quiz Bowl Pro works in tandem with videoconferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. It is browser-based, and there is nothing to download or install.
  • There will be no additional cost to schools beyond the Sixth Grade Showcase registration fee. Your Showcase subscription to the Quiz Bowl Pro platform will be valid until March 16, 2021.
  • Schools can have unlimited co-coach subscriptions, which will allow for intrasquad scrimmages.
  • Showcase coaches shall determine their videoconferencing platform of choice as part of the planning process.

Major Quick Recall Rules Modifications

  • All questions will be read in each half.
  • Moderators shall not be in the same room as student participants.
  • Officials shall wait 3-4 seconds before making a hesitation call.
  • Both the bonus and bounce-back bonus shall have a 10-second response time.


  • On bonuses that are not designated, the team captain shall use “final answer,” “final”, or any similar phrasing, either before or after the answer. If the student fails to say “final answer,” but the moderator believes the student was giving an answer, the moderator may rule on the answer.
  • If the 10-second bonus response time expires on a bonus or bounce-back bonus, the moderator shall prompt the captain for the answer with “Answer, please” or similar phrasing.


  • While matches must start with four players, teams that lose students due to Internet disconnections may continue to play with fewer than four players if no other players are available.
  • If a student is disconnected from the online platform, an official timeout is declared by the judge. If the student does not reconnect within two minutes, the coach must substitute for that player if a sub is available.
  • After a student has been disconnected/reconnected once, additional subsequent disconnections will require an officials timeout, followed by a mandatory substitution if a sub is available.

Written Assessment

Showcase Written Assessment shall take place on KAAC’s custom assessment platform. To see a demo video, click below.


Composition participants will complete booklets using a customized Word document, which will later be distributed for scoring. Practice prompts will be available for familiarization purposes.

Security Protocols

Written Assessment and Composition

Students competing at school are to be proctored by someone other than the Showcase coach or the guardian of a participant of the event being proctored. If possible, this proctor would have no affiliation with the school they proctor. If separated into multiple rooms, a participant’s guardian could proctor the room in which their child is not competing. Students shall be monitored both by a physical proctor and via videoconference. Proctor instructions for students shall include ethics guidelines for fair test-taking. Proctors shall record competition sessions if permitted by school policy.

Students competing at home are proctored via teleconference by someone other than the Showcase coach. Proctor instructions for students shall include ethics guidelines for fair test-taking. Proctors shall record competition sessions if permitted by school policy.

Quick Recall

Students are monitored via teleconference. The Quiz Bowl Pro platform also alerts officials if a student opens another browser tab.

Trial Competition

To prepare for the transition to online competition, KAAC will will offer each Showcase Section free questions for a trial competition before December.


Host schools are needed! “Hosting” will center around coordinating online events and scoring rather than facilities management. Email Brenda Darnell to volunteer or find out more.

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