Middle Grades State Finalists

Adair County Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesBaileyWatts
Adair County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingNataleaKaylor
Adair County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingAbigailKemp
Adair County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingHannahKotter
Adair County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingJosephKotter
Adair County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsBaileyWatts
Adair County Middle SchoolQuick RecallAngelicaBell
Adair County Middle SchoolQuick RecallJayBurton
Adair County Middle SchoolQuick RecallNataleaKaylor
Adair County Middle SchoolQuick RecallHannahKotter
Adair County Middle SchoolQuick RecallJosephKotter
Adair County Middle SchoolQuick RecallSamanthaOliver
Adair County Middle SchoolQuick RecallBaileyWatts
Adair County Middle SchoolQuick RecallAndrewZinati
Adair County Middle SchoolScienceAndrewZinati
Adair County Middle SchoolSocial StudiesAndrewZinati
Anchorage Independent (MG)Arts and HumanitiesJosephNidhiry
Anchorage Independent (MG)CompositionJacksonJones
Anchorage Independent (MG)Language ArtsMihikaMathur
Anchorage Independent (MG)MathematicsTyBarnes
Anchorage Independent (MG)MathematicsWillHarris
Anchorage Independent (MG)Quick RecallTyBarnes
Anchorage Independent (MG)Quick RecallAvaBeckley
Anchorage Independent (MG)Quick RecallIsaacBowling
Anchorage Independent (MG)Quick RecallNoahCrase
Anchorage Independent (MG)Quick RecallWillHarris
Anchorage Independent (MG)Quick RecallJacksonJones
Anchorage Independent (MG)Quick RecallSanamKrishnani
Anchorage Independent (MG)Quick RecallMihikaMathur
Anchorage Independent (MG)Quick RecallJosephNidhiry
Anchorage Independent (MG)Quick RecallBakerPhillips
Anchorage Independent (MG)Quick RecallRobertsSartor
Anchorage Independent (MG)Quick RecallAdityaShah
Anchorage Independent (MG)ScienceJosephNidhiry
Ashland Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesAnnaBocook
Ashland Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesBenReam
Ashland Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesCarolineYates
Ashland Middle SchoolCompositionReaganHayes
Ashland Middle SchoolCompositionAudreyPulliam
Ashland Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingSammanthaElkins
Ashland Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingKaiaMantle
Ashland Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingBrooklynnSmyser
Ashland Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingMarleyWalters
Ashland Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsAnnaBocook
Ashland Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsCarolineYates
Ashland Middle SchoolMathematicsEricWare
Ashland Middle SchoolQuick RecallAbeArnold
Ashland Middle SchoolQuick RecallAnnaBocook
Ashland Middle SchoolQuick RecallRileeBohanon
Ashland Middle SchoolQuick RecallAidenConley
Ashland Middle SchoolQuick RecallReaganHayes
Ashland Middle SchoolQuick RecallAbigayleLawson
Ashland Middle SchoolQuick RecallAbigailMadden
Ashland Middle SchoolQuick RecallBenReam
Ashland Middle SchoolQuick RecallEricWare
Ashland Middle SchoolQuick RecallColtynWest
Ashland Middle SchoolQuick RecallNoahWurts
Ashland Middle SchoolQuick RecallCarolineYates
Ashland Middle SchoolScienceEricWare
Ballyshannon Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesIsaacHampel
Ballyshannon Middle SchoolCompositionTanviRakesh
Ballyshannon Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingEliPainter
Ballyshannon Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingDivyaPatel
Ballyshannon Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingTanviRakesh
Ballyshannon Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingSamuelSiler
Ballyshannon Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsCameronConn
Ballyshannon Middle SchoolMathematicsYoussefSaidi
Ballyshannon Middle SchoolQuick RecallCameronConn
Ballyshannon Middle SchoolQuick RecallSpencerFrohlich
Ballyshannon Middle SchoolQuick RecallIsaacHampel
Ballyshannon Middle SchoolQuick RecallIsabellaIngram
Ballyshannon Middle SchoolQuick RecallEliPainter
Ballyshannon Middle SchoolQuick RecallDivyaPatel
Ballyshannon Middle SchoolQuick RecallYoussefSaidi
Ballyshannon Middle SchoolQuick RecallPeytonSchroer
Ballyshannon Middle SchoolQuick RecallSamuelSiler
Ballyshannon Middle SchoolQuick RecallKennethSparks
Ballyshannon Middle SchoolQuick RecallPaulVanlaningham
Ballyshannon Middle SchoolQuick RecallDaphneWilson
Ballyshannon Middle SchoolScienceYoussefSaidi
Ballyshannon Middle SchoolSocial StudiesPeytonSchroer
Barbourville High School (MG)CompositionJaceyBoles
Barren County Middle SchoolCompositionAlanaHouchens
Barren County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsAlanaHouchens
Barret Traditional Middle SchoolCompositionAshleyBilliter
Barret Traditional Middle SchoolCompositionBethanyJansson
Bath County Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesIsabellaHughes
Bath County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsKarsonTolle
Bath County Middle SchoolScienceIsaiahBashford
Bath County Middle SchoolScienceTreytonThomas
Bath County Middle SchoolSocial StudiesIsaiahBashford
Beaumont Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesSaanviBobde
Beaumont Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesArhamFarhan
Beaumont Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesAryanModadugu
Beaumont Middle SchoolCompositionAnikaAgrawal
Beaumont Middle SchoolCompositionNarenNandanoor
Beaumont Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingSaanviBobde
Beaumont Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingRithikaChopra
Beaumont Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingArhamFarhan
Beaumont Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingNatalieLiu
Beaumont Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingSiaVaish
Beaumont Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingThomasYuan
Beaumont Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsSrikantthGentela
Beaumont Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsAhaanThomas
Beaumont Middle SchoolMathematicsNatalieLiu
Beaumont Middle SchoolMathematicsYutaNomura
Beaumont Middle SchoolMathematicsHarshaTummala
Beaumont Middle SchoolQuick RecallKishanAmin
Beaumont Middle SchoolQuick RecallSaanviBobde
Beaumont Middle SchoolQuick RecallArhamFarhan
Beaumont Middle SchoolQuick RecallSrikantthGentela
Beaumont Middle SchoolQuick RecallAryanModadugu
Beaumont Middle SchoolQuick RecallCrystalTharappel
Beaumont Middle SchoolQuick RecallAhaanThomas
Beaumont Middle SchoolQuick RecallHarshaTummala
Beaumont Middle SchoolQuick RecallGarvVyas
Beaumont Middle SchoolQuick RecallThomasYuan
Beaumont Middle SchoolScienceHarshaTummala
Beaumont Middle SchoolScienceThomasYuan
Beaumont Middle SchoolSocial StudiesSrikantthGentela
Beaumont Middle SchoolSocial StudiesAhaanThomas
Beaumont Middle SchoolSocial StudiesGarvVyas
Beechwood High School (MG)CompositionJulianSandberg
Beechwood High School (MG)MathematicsJulianSandberg
Bell Central School Center (MG)CompositionMeredithAllen
Bell Central School Center (MG)MathematicsMeredithAllen
Bell Central School Center (MG)ScienceJaredKnuckles
Betsy Layne Elementary (MG)Language ArtsAlexandriaHamilton
Blessed Sacrament School (MG)Arts and HumanitiesJtHouston
Blessed Sacrament School (MG)SciencePeterHolocher
Blessed Sacrament School (MG)Social StudiesPeterHolocher
Bloomfield Middle SchoolCompositionJullianRamirez
Bloomfield Middle SchoolMathematicsJacobWillett
Bluegrass Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingTaylorBarno
Bluegrass Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingKarenBarredoRivera
Bluegrass Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingJanelleHirt
Bluegrass Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingHarperTaylor
Bluegrass Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsTaylorBarno
Bluegrass Middle SchoolMathematicsHarperTaylor
Bondurant Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesAdrianBennett
Bondurant Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesHollandRiddell
Bondurant Middle SchoolCompositionSruthiPaluri
Bondurant Middle SchoolCompositionVarshithaRamesh
Bondurant Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsAdrianBennett
Bondurant Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsHollandRiddell
Bondurant Middle SchoolMathematicsMahmoodAteyeh
Bondurant Middle SchoolMathematicsManasGarla
Bondurant Middle SchoolMathematicsVarshithKotagiri
Bondurant Middle SchoolQuick RecallLoukyaAkula
Bondurant Middle SchoolQuick RecallMahmoodAteyeh
Bondurant Middle SchoolQuick RecallAdrianBennett
Bondurant Middle SchoolQuick RecallNathanCarpenter
Bondurant Middle SchoolQuick RecallManasGarla
Bondurant Middle SchoolQuick RecallKadinJobe
Bondurant Middle SchoolQuick RecallMaeherJoshi
Bondurant Middle SchoolQuick RecallVarshithKotagiri
Bondurant Middle SchoolQuick RecallRidhiPenmecha
Bondurant Middle SchoolQuick RecallVarshithaRamesh
Bondurant Middle SchoolQuick RecallHollandRiddell
Bondurant Middle SchoolQuick RecallVidyaVasudevan
Bondurant Middle SchoolScienceMahmoodAteyeh
Bondurant Middle SchoolScienceVarshithKotagiri
Bondurant Middle SchoolScienceVarshithaRamesh
Bondurant Middle SchoolSocial StudiesKadinJobe
Bondurant Middle SchoolSocial StudiesRidhiPenmecha
Bonnieville Elementary School (MG)Language ArtsTjRothman
Boston School (MG)CompositionTristenHutchens
Boston School (MG)Future Problem SolvingJarrodBenningfield
Boston School (MG)Future Problem SolvingMakinsiFloyd
Boston School (MG)Future Problem SolvingBreninFord-Pedigo
Boston School (MG)Future Problem SolvingChloeHall
Boston School (MG)MathematicsJarrodBenningfield
Bowling Green Jr. High SchoolArts and HumanitiesStellaMiner
Bowling Green Jr. High SchoolCompositionLilliianMcGill
Bowling Green Jr. High SchoolFuture Problem SolvingStocktonBeasley Brown
Bowling Green Jr. High SchoolFuture Problem SolvingStellaMiner
Bowling Green Jr. High SchoolFuture Problem SolvingElliTrivizadakis
Bowling Green Jr. High SchoolFuture Problem SolvingJamesYarbrough
Bowling Green Jr. High SchoolMathematicsKollinHsieh
Boyd County Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesElleCaldwell
Boyd County Middle SchoolCompositionElleCaldwell
Boyd County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsAddieConley
Boyd County Middle SchoolMathematicsJacobLayne
Boyd County Middle SchoolQuick RecallElleCaldwell
Boyd County Middle SchoolQuick RecallAddieConley
Boyd County Middle SchoolQuick RecallCarterGray
Boyd County Middle SchoolQuick RecallRileighGreene
Boyd County Middle SchoolQuick RecallJacobLayne
Boyd County Middle SchoolQuick RecallOliviaPhillips
Boyd County Middle SchoolQuick RecallColtonThompson
Boyd County Middle SchoolSocial StudiesCarterGray
Boyd County Middle SchoolSocial StudiesJacobLayne
Boyle County Middle SchoolCompositionCampbellJohnson
Boyle County Middle SchoolCompositionCampbellWardrip
Boyle County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingKateBriese
Boyle County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingMaggieGnann
Boyle County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingEmeryHerron
Boyle County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingAleahStigall
Boyle County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsJacobKirchner
Boyle County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsDanielLeber
Boyle County Middle SchoolMathematicsMicahBrown
Boyle County Middle SchoolMathematicsGeorgeLin
Boyle County Middle SchoolQuick RecallMicahBrown
Boyle County Middle SchoolQuick RecallBlakeGodbey
Boyle County Middle SchoolQuick RecallSeanGuiney
Boyle County Middle SchoolQuick RecallSamuelHackworth
Boyle County Middle SchoolQuick RecallLukeHamon
Boyle County Middle SchoolQuick RecallJacobKirchner
Boyle County Middle SchoolQuick RecallDanielLeber
Boyle County Middle SchoolQuick RecallGeorgeLin
Boyle County Middle SchoolQuick RecallJadaMaples
Boyle County Middle SchoolQuick RecallCassidyMoss
Boyle County Middle SchoolScienceGeorgeLin
Boyle County Middle SchoolSocial StudiesSamuelHackworth
Bracken County Middle SchoolCompositionPaisleyCooke
Bracken County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsPaisleyCooke
Breathitt County High School (MG)Arts and HumanitiesTaylorSmith
Breathitt County High School (MG)Language ArtsTaylorSmith
Breckinridge County Middle SchoolScienceWilliamMitcham
Breckinridge County Middle SchoolScienceJacobStith
Breckinridge County Middle SchoolSocial StudiesJacobStith
Browning Springs Middle SchoolCompositionCaitlinMcClain
Browning Springs Middle SchoolMathematicsCarisLewis
Browning Springs Middle SchoolMathematicsAlbanyRay
Browning Springs Middle SchoolScienceJadenHeath
Butler County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsMaggieDrake
Butler County Middle SchoolSocial StudiesBlakeBratcher
Calloway County Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesJaceeMcKeel
Calloway County Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesAddisonPervine
Calloway County Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesConnorPile
Calloway County Middle SchoolCompositionDakotahPittman
Calloway County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingEhdeCarlisle
Calloway County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingAubreyNaber
Calloway County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingDakotahPittman
Calloway County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingBrooklynSwatzell
Calloway County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingBellaThomas
Calloway County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsAubreyNaber
Calloway County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsKayleeTharp
Calloway County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsAmberWu
Calloway County Middle SchoolMathematicsElizabethLanier
Calloway County Middle SchoolMathematicsGaryRogers
Calloway County Middle SchoolMathematicsAmberWu
Calloway County Middle SchoolQuick RecallEzraFoote
Calloway County Middle SchoolQuick RecallNathanielFowler
Calloway County Middle SchoolQuick RecallTommyGomez
Calloway County Middle SchoolQuick RecallElizabethLanier
Calloway County Middle SchoolQuick RecallJaceeMcKeel
Calloway County Middle SchoolQuick RecallAubreyNaber
Calloway County Middle SchoolQuick RecallAddisonPervine
Calloway County Middle SchoolQuick RecallConnorPile
Calloway County Middle SchoolQuick RecallGaryRogers
Calloway County Middle SchoolQuick RecallZakaryStark
Calloway County Middle SchoolQuick RecallKayleeTharp
Calloway County Middle SchoolQuick RecallAmberWu
Calloway County Middle SchoolScienceElizabethLanier
Calloway County Middle SchoolScienceConnorPile
Calloway County Middle SchoolSocial StudiesEzraFoote
Calloway County Middle SchoolSocial StudiesNathanielFowler
Campbell County Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesAlexandraHess
Campbell County Middle SchoolCompositionEmilyCampbell
Campbell County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingColtonBryan
Campbell County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingJosephEnzweiler
Campbell County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingWilliamHaas
Campbell County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingBenWeber Horowitz
Campbell County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsMicahDawson
Campbell County Middle SchoolMathematicsAlexanderRandall
Campbell County Middle SchoolQuick RecallCadeBeaupre
Campbell County Middle SchoolQuick RecallEmilyCampbell
Campbell County Middle SchoolQuick RecallAlexandraHess
Campbell County Middle SchoolQuick RecallAlexanderRandall
Campbell County Middle SchoolQuick RecallAllieRawe
Campbell County Middle SchoolQuick RecallMaraRider
Campbell County Middle SchoolQuick RecallMalvinTsetse
Campbell County Middle SchoolQuick RecallKevinWebb
Campbell County Middle SchoolQuick RecallAbrahamZengel
Campbell County Middle SchoolScienceCadeBeaupre
Campbell County Middle SchoolScienceAllieRawe
Capital Day School (MG)Language ArtsEthneFleming
Capital Day School (MG)Language ArtsJoeyWebb
Capital Day School (MG)Social StudiesJoeyWebb
Carr Creek Elementary School (MG)Arts and HumanitiesKensonSlone
Carr Creek Elementary School (MG)CompositionSara SloneSmith
Carr Creek Elementary School (MG)Future Problem SolvingChristianBanks
Carr Creek Elementary School (MG)Future Problem SolvingBrycenEverage
Carr Creek Elementary School (MG)Future Problem SolvingKaitlynnEverage
Carr Creek Elementary School (MG)Future Problem SolvingKelsieHuff
Carr Creek Elementary School (MG)Language ArtsKensonSlone
Carr Creek Elementary School (MG)Language ArtsSara SloneSmith
Carr Creek Elementary School (MG)ScienceBrycenEverage
Carr Creek Elementary School (MG)Social StudiesBrodyHall
Christ the King School (Fayette Co.)CompositionAddyVieth
Christ the King School (Fayette Co.)MathematicsAddyVieth
Christian County Middle SchoolCompositionAveryAdcock
Clay County Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesZacharyCaudill
Clay County Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesMadisonLee
Clay County Middle SchoolCompositionAmandaHinkle
Clay County Middle SchoolCompositionAvaStevens
Clay County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsBrookeEvans
Clay County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsAmandaHinkle
Clay County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsDaniSmith
Clay County Middle SchoolMathematicsXanderGabbard
Clay County Middle SchoolQuick RecallZacharyCaudill
Clay County Middle SchoolQuick RecallBrookeEvans
Clay County Middle SchoolQuick RecallXanderGabbard
Clay County Middle SchoolQuick RecallMadisonLee
Clay County Middle SchoolQuick RecallAidenReid
Clay County Middle SchoolQuick RecallDaniSmith
Clay County Middle SchoolQuick RecallMcKennaSmith
Clay County Middle SchoolQuick RecallAvaStevens
Clay County Middle SchoolScienceXanderGabbard
Clay County Middle SchoolScienceDaniSmith
Clay County Middle SchoolSocial StudiesBrookeEvans
Clinton County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsAllisonLatham
College View Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesNathanGoins
College View Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesEllieRue
College View Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsKatyeClark
College View Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsLoganRobinson
Conner Middle SchoolCompositionEleanorReilly
Conner Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsEleanorReilly
Conner Middle SchoolScienceRileyMarsh
Corbin Middle SchoolCompositionHaleyCarr
Cowan Elementary (MG)CompositionCalissaLowe
Crosby Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesMirandaBaker
Crosby Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsMirandaBaker
Crosby Middle SchoolMathematicsAlexSpivak
Crosby Middle SchoolSocial StudiesTraceMartin
Cub Run Elementary School (MG)Arts and HumanitiesCamiClark
Cub Run Elementary School (MG)Arts and HumanitiesShannaHensley
Cub Run Elementary School (MG)CompositionEmmaSanders
Cumberland County Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesJordanMcCloughan
Cumberland County Middle SchoolMathematicsAbbyMorgan
Daviess County Middle SchoolCompositionMayaFoster
Daviess County Middle SchoolScienceJosephBarlow
Daviess County Middle SchoolSocial StudiesNathanHarley
East Carter Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesGriffinJames
East Carter Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsGriffinJames
East Hardin Middle SchoolCompositionLilyStith
East Hardin Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsMeaTabor
East Hardin Middle SchoolMathematicsKrushaPatel
East Hardin Middle SchoolQuick RecallMaddexAdams
East Hardin Middle SchoolQuick RecallPeytonBowers
East Hardin Middle SchoolQuick RecallDominicBruce
East Hardin Middle SchoolQuick RecallSamBryan
East Hardin Middle SchoolQuick RecallPresleeDecker
East Hardin Middle SchoolQuick RecallMackenzieFaulkner
East Hardin Middle SchoolQuick RecallLoganHarper
East Hardin Middle SchoolQuick RecallDanielJin
East Hardin Middle SchoolQuick RecallEvanKimberlain
East Hardin Middle SchoolQuick RecallKrushaPatel
East Hardin Middle SchoolQuick RecallColtonSmith
East Hardin Middle SchoolQuick RecallMeaTabor
East Hardin Middle SchoolScienceKrushaPatel
East Hardin Middle SchoolSocial StudiesEvanKimberlain
East Perry Elementary (MG)CompositionBraelyKersey
East Perry Elementary (MG)MathematicsShyanneCouch
East Perry Elementary (MG)MathematicsJordenPollard
East Perry Elementary (MG)ScienceJordenPollard
East Perry Elementary (MG)Social StudiesColtonAllen
East Perry Elementary (MG)Social StudiesPrestonMaggard
Eastside Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesClaireSchneider
Eastside Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsClaireSchneider
Eastside Middle SchoolMathematicsVietHo
Eastside Middle SchoolQuick RecallEthanByrd
Eastside Middle SchoolQuick RecallJonasGreenhalgh
Eastside Middle SchoolQuick RecallSylasHayes
Eastside Middle SchoolQuick RecallVietHo
Eastside Middle SchoolQuick RecallEthanJacob
Eastside Middle SchoolQuick RecallEmmaWalker
Eastside Middle SchoolScienceEthanJacob
Eastside Middle SchoolSocial StudiesJonasGreenhalgh
Eastside Middle SchoolSocial StudiesEthanJacob
Edmonson County Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesBraydenJohnson
Edmonson County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsBraydenJohnson
Edmonson County Middle SchoolQuick RecallAceDaugherty
Edmonson County Middle SchoolQuick RecallIanDooley
Edmonson County Middle SchoolQuick RecallThomasJames
Edmonson County Middle SchoolQuick RecallBraydenJohnson
Edmonson County Middle SchoolQuick RecallEmberleiStevens
Edythe J. Hayes Middle SchoolMathematicsAugustGregonis
Edythe J. Hayes Middle SchoolScienceTejasBasneth
Elkhorn Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesTerrellClark
Elkhorn Middle SchoolMathematicsJonathanPhilpot
Estill County Middle SchoolCompositionEllaSeale
Estill County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingMasonIsaacs
Estill County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingElizabethRaider
Estill County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingEllaSeale
Estill County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingTaylorWilliams
Estill County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsElizabethRaider
Estill County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsAlexisWarner
Estill County Middle SchoolQuick RecallTannerCole
Estill County Middle SchoolQuick RecallAnalyseDay
Estill County Middle SchoolQuick RecallLukeHughes
Estill County Middle SchoolQuick RecallMasonIsaacs
Estill County Middle SchoolQuick RecallSamuelPatrick-Howard
Estill County Middle SchoolQuick RecallElizabethRaider
Estill County Middle SchoolQuick RecallEllaSeale
Estill County Middle SchoolQuick RecallDarvikStevens
Estill County Middle SchoolQuick RecallAlexisWarner
Estill County Middle SchoolQuick RecallTaylorWilliams
Fallsburg Elementary School (MG)Future Problem SolvingEmilyDiamond
Fallsburg Elementary School (MG)Future Problem SolvingHollyHall
Fallsburg Elementary School (MG)Future Problem SolvingAubrieLaney
Fallsburg Elementary School (MG)Future Problem SolvingPreslieLaney
Farnsley Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesVivianDo
Farnsley Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesWilsonTang
Farnsley Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingRahbeAbass
Farnsley Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingEusirAl saedy
Farnsley Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingPerryByers
Farnsley Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingDavidFultz
Fleming Neon Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesSophiaHogg
Fleming Neon Middle SchoolMathematicsScarlettStamper
Fred T. Burns Middle SchoolScienceNicholasClayton
Garrard Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesLandonHatmaker
Garrard Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesWoodsMartin
Garrard Middle SchoolCompositionLizzyGallegos
Garrard Middle SchoolCompositionAbigailTravis
Garrard Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingNatalieLane
Garrard Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingWoodsMartin
Garrard Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingAvaWarren
Garrard Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingOliviaWilson
Garrard Middle SchoolMathematicsMasonSeagraves
Garrard Middle SchoolScienceSydneyPutnam
Garrard Middle SchoolSocial StudiesMasonSeagraves
Glasgow Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesCarolineBishop
Glasgow Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsKateHans
Glasgow Middle SchoolMathematicsCarolineBishop
Glasgow Middle SchoolMathematicsDiyaNair
Good Shepherd School (MG)Arts and HumanitiesEvelynnGordley
Grant County Middle SchoolScienceEmmaleighUnroe
Grant County Middle SchoolSocial StudiesIanMattingly
Gray Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesMichelleHolley
Gray Middle SchoolCompositionAlainaHargett
Gray Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingGinoCalipo
Gray Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingNancyKirk
Gray Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingJakeSchuele
Gray Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingCarolineSmith
Gray Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsNicolasCano
Gray Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsMichelleHolley
Gray Middle SchoolMathematicsAbhishekBhave
Gray Middle SchoolScienceCalebCreech
Gray Middle SchoolScienceKanishkDevarakonda
Gray Middle SchoolSocial StudiesNicolasCano
Gray Middle SchoolSocial StudiesAlainaHargett
Green County Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesJadaCross
Green County Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesMatthewShoopman
Green County Middle SchoolCompositionJacobSheehan
Green County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsJadaCross
Green County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsCheyenneSchneider
Green County Middle SchoolMathematicsAydenOlson
Green County Middle SchoolSocial StudiesJacobSheehan
Hancock County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingLaneyCraighead
Hancock County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingCassandraEstes
Hancock County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingKeaganMcCann
Hancock County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingLawesPayne
Harlan Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingSalenaAmro
Harlan Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingMirandaBrock
Harlan Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingAudreyGoss
Harlan Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingAllyKirby
Harlan Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsSalenaAmro
Harlan Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsMirandaBrock
Harlan Middle SchoolMathematicsSayedDamaa
Harlan Middle SchoolQuick RecallAdeolaloluwaAkisanya
Harlan Middle SchoolQuick RecallSalenaAmro
Harlan Middle SchoolQuick RecallMirandaBrock
Harlan Middle SchoolQuick RecallSayedDamaa
Harlan Middle SchoolQuick RecallAudreyGoss
Harlan Middle SchoolQuick RecallEllaLisenbee
Harlan Middle SchoolQuick RecallTimothyRouse
Harlan Middle SchoolQuick RecallIsaiahSage
Harlan Middle SchoolScienceSayedDamaa
Harrison County Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesBaileyMoses
Harrison County Middle SchoolCompositionBrennanHoskins
Harrison County Middle SchoolCompositionEmbryMarshall
Harrison County Middle SchoolSocial StudiesHarrisonHatter
Hazard Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesToriStidham
Hazard Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsSadieJustice
Hazard Middle SchoolMathematicsAubreyCornett
Hazard Middle SchoolScienceHunterRaichel
Hazard Middle SchoolSocial StudiesToriStidham
Heath Middle SchoolCompositionAllisonRicketts
Heath Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingRiyaPatel
Heath Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingAllisonRicketts
Heath Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingJillianRoach
Heath Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingIvyWenzel
Heath Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsEdenBridge-Hayes
Heath Middle SchoolScienceCarsonAbell
Heath Middle SchoolScienceEdenBridge-Hayes
Hebron Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesVincentBenfield
Hebron Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesCadenTaylor
Hebron Middle SchoolMathematicsAustinClements
Hebron Middle SchoolScienceWalkerOusley
Hebron Middle SchoolScienceAustinWooden
Hebron Middle SchoolSocial StudiesJacobMindak
Henderson North Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsLibbyTownsend
Henderson North Middle SchoolScienceMaxTabor
Henderson North Middle SchoolSocial StudiesMilesGugel
Henderson South Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesNadiaHeitkemper
Henderson South Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsRamseyWatson
Henderson South Middle SchoolMathematicsKyenJiang
Henderson South Middle SchoolScienceKyenJiang
Henry F. Moss Middle SchoolCompositionAllanDiaz
Henry F. Moss Middle SchoolScienceJeffreyHuff
Henry F. Moss Middle SchoolSocial StudiesJeffreyHuff
Herald Whitaker Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesIsaacHoward
Herald Whitaker Middle SchoolCompositionCathrynAllen
Herald Whitaker Middle SchoolMathematicsConnorAdkins
Herald Whitaker Middle SchoolScienceJeremySayagnao
Heritage Christian Academy (MG)Social StudiesCashBolinger
Highlands Middle SchoolMathematicsFlynnCook
Highlands Middle SchoolQuick RecallFlynnCook
Highlands Middle SchoolQuick RecallGarrettCutajar
Highlands Middle SchoolQuick RecallWarrenDeaton
Highlands Middle SchoolQuick RecallBenjaminGilkerson
Highlands Middle SchoolQuick RecallJackHeilman
Highlands Middle SchoolQuick RecallTrentJohnson
Highlands Middle SchoolQuick RecallCatLacourt
Highlands Middle SchoolQuick RecallGabrielMcDermott
Highlands Middle SchoolQuick RecallSathvikPulluri
Highlands Middle SchoolQuick RecallGabrielTalbot
Highlands Middle SchoolSocial StudiesWarrenDeaton
Hindman Elementary School (MG)CompositionIsabelSalmons
Hindman Elementary School (MG)CompositionBradySlone
Hindman Elementary School (MG)Future Problem SolvingCalebAdams
Hindman Elementary School (MG)Future Problem SolvingBraydenBaker
Hindman Elementary School (MG)Future Problem SolvingEmilyBlackburn
Hindman Elementary School (MG)Future Problem SolvingBradenSmith
Hindman Elementary School (MG)Language ArtsIsabelSalmons
Hindman Elementary School (MG)MathematicsBraydenBaker
Hindman Elementary School (MG)Social StudiesCarsonSims
Hindman Elementary School (MG)Social StudiesBradySlone
Holy Name School (Henderson)Arts and HumanitiesPatrickHauke
Holy Name School (Henderson)Future Problem SolvingEliBarron
Holy Name School (Henderson)Future Problem SolvingAltonBerger
Holy Name School (Henderson)Future Problem SolvingAna ClaireTichenor
Holy Name School (Henderson)Future Problem SolvingMadelineWhitledge
Holy Name School (Henderson)MathematicsPatrickHauke
Holy Name School (Henderson)Quick RecallBenAlexander
Holy Name School (Henderson)Quick RecallAlexEckels
Holy Name School (Henderson)Quick RecallJaceEvans
Holy Name School (Henderson)Quick RecallBrettHaley
Holy Name School (Henderson)Quick RecallPatrickHauke
Holy Name School (Henderson)Quick RecallAna ClaireTichenor
Holy Name School (Henderson)Quick RecallRohnTichenor
Holy Name School (Henderson)Quick RecallDerekWill
Holy Name School (Henderson)Social StudiesBenAlexander
Holy Spirit Catholic School (MG)CompositionSarahKempf
Holy Trinity Parish School (Jefferson Co.)CompositionReidCook
J. Graham Brown School (MG)Language ArtsChristianHarrison
J. Graham Brown School (MG)MathematicsBenXie
Jackson County Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesNatalieSandlin
Jackson County Middle SchoolCompositionAlexisPeters
Jackson County Middle SchoolCompositionNatalieSandlin
Jackson County Middle SchoolCompositionLarkinVaughn
Jackson County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsLarkinVaughn
Jackson County Middle SchoolMathematicsAddanWitt
Jackson County Middle SchoolScienceOwenGray
Jackson County Middle SchoolScienceAddanWitt
Jackson County Middle SchoolSocial StudiesLarkinVaughn
Jackson Independent School (MG)Future Problem SolvingNataleeCombs
Jackson Independent School (MG)Future Problem SolvingChloeDowse
Jackson Independent School (MG)Future Problem SolvingEligeSmith
Jackson Independent School (MG)Future Problem SolvingKariganTurner
James D. Adams Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesAmeliaGilbert
James D. Adams Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesSaraSpringer
James D. Adams Middle SchoolCompositionPaisleyAkers
James D. Adams Middle SchoolCompositionSaraBrown
James D. Adams Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsSaraBrown
James D. Adams Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsEthanWalls
James D. Adams Middle SchoolMathematicsLukeHall
James D. Adams Middle SchoolQuick RecallKadenBlackburn
James D. Adams Middle SchoolQuick RecallAmeliaGilbert
James D. Adams Middle SchoolQuick RecallLukeHall
James D. Adams Middle SchoolQuick RecallAllyHamilton
James D. Adams Middle SchoolQuick RecallColinHatfield
James D. Adams Middle SchoolQuick RecallJaxonPerry
James D. Adams Middle SchoolQuick RecallCathrineRisner
James D. Adams Middle SchoolQuick RecallSaraSpringer
James D. Adams Middle SchoolQuick RecallEthanWalls
James D. Adams Middle SchoolScienceAllyHamilton
James Madison Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesRachelWelch
James Madison Middle SchoolCompositionEmmaDuncan
James Madison Middle SchoolCompositionAshlynHolland
James Madison Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingKayleeDavis
James Madison Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingLucyGast
James Madison Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingAidanKnight
James Madison Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingWestynMiles
James Madison Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsEmmaDuncan
James Madison Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsRachelWelch
James Madison Middle SchoolQuick RecallAveryCrane
James Madison Middle SchoolQuick RecallEmmaDuncan
James Madison Middle SchoolQuick RecallDuncanEveland
James Madison Middle SchoolQuick RecallCourtlandHarris
James Madison Middle SchoolQuick RecallJettLutz
James Madison Middle SchoolQuick RecallJudahMaddox
James Madison Middle SchoolQuick RecallRiverMcDurmon
James Madison Middle SchoolQuick RecallWestynMiles
James Madison Middle SchoolQuick RecallCarsonSmith
James Madison Middle SchoolQuick RecallRachelWelch
James Madison Middle SchoolScienceRiverMcDurmon
James Madison Middle SchoolSocial StudiesJudahMaddox
James T. Alton Middle SchoolCompositionDanielArcilla
James T. Alton Middle SchoolQuick RecallDanielArcilla
James T. Alton Middle SchoolQuick RecallDrakeBell
James T. Alton Middle SchoolQuick RecallLowellChappell
James T. Alton Middle SchoolQuick RecallAustinElms
James T. Alton Middle SchoolQuick RecallThomasLogsdon
James T. Alton Middle SchoolQuick RecallZoeMaddox
James T. Alton Middle SchoolQuick RecallJiyaPatel
James T. Alton Middle SchoolQuick RecallRyleyPhillips
James T. Alton Middle SchoolQuick RecallCameronPrice
James T. Alton Middle SchoolQuick RecallChristianSpringer
James T. Alton Middle SchoolQuick RecallKaylahStarling
James T. Alton Middle SchoolQuick RecallAidenVieu
James T. Alton Middle SchoolScienceRyleyPhillips
James T. Alton Middle SchoolSocial StudiesAustinElms
John M. Stumbo Elementary School (MG)Social StudiesConnerLittle
John W. Bate Middle SchoolMathematicsHenryPennington
John W. Bate Middle SchoolQuick RecallAvaCarpenter
John W. Bate Middle SchoolQuick RecallGeorgeMcClure
John W. Bate Middle SchoolQuick RecallPaulMcClure
John W. Bate Middle SchoolQuick RecallAbbiePennington
John W. Bate Middle SchoolQuick RecallElliePennington
John W. Bate Middle SchoolQuick RecallHenryPennington
John W. Bate Middle SchoolQuick RecallMadelinePurdom
John W. Bate Middle SchoolScienceHenryPennington
Johns Creek School (MG)MathematicsDrewJustice
Johns Creek School (MG)MathematicsIndigoSchoop-Wyatt
Johns Creek School (MG)Social StudiesDrewJustice
Johnson County Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesTrentCox
Johnson County Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesSuzyKretzer
Johnson County Middle SchoolCompositionIlanaEstep
Johnson County Middle SchoolCompositionBraleyHoward
Johnson County Middle SchoolCompositionSuzyKretzer
Johnson County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingLoraleiArms
Johnson County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingAdaraCampbell
Johnson County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingIlanaEstep
Johnson County Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingBraleyHoward
Johnson County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsAdaraCampbell
Johnson County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsKileyHall
Johnson County Middle SchoolMathematicsBryceFerguson
Johnson County Middle SchoolQuick RecallAdaraCampbell
Johnson County Middle SchoolQuick RecallTrentCox
Johnson County Middle SchoolQuick RecallBryceFerguson
Johnson County Middle SchoolQuick RecallKileyHall
Johnson County Middle SchoolQuick RecallSuzyKretzer
Johnson County Middle SchoolQuick RecallToriMcGinnis
Johnson County Middle SchoolQuick RecallElijahPelton
Johnson County Middle SchoolQuick RecallJaycobStambaugh
Johnson County Middle SchoolQuick RecallSerenityStambaugh
Johnson County Middle SchoolQuick RecallMichaelWalters
Johnson County Middle SchoolQuick RecallConnorWatts
Johnson County Middle SchoolQuick RecallBryanZimmerman
Johnson County Middle SchoolScienceBryceFerguson
Johnson County Middle SchoolScienceElijahPelton
Johnson County Middle SchoolSocial StudiesTrentCox
Johnson County Middle SchoolSocial StudiesElijahPelton
June Buchanan Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsEthanApplegate
June Buchanan Middle SchoolMathematicsTaylorMarshall
June Buchanan Middle SchoolMathematicsAustinMoore
June Buchanan Middle SchoolQuick RecallEthanApplegate
June Buchanan Middle SchoolQuick RecallTaylorMarshall
June Buchanan Middle SchoolQuick RecallAustinMoore
June Buchanan Middle SchoolQuick RecallKhizarSher
June Buchanan Middle SchoolScienceEthanApplegate
June Buchanan Middle SchoolScienceAustinMoore
June Buchanan Middle SchoolScienceKhizarSher
June Buchanan Middle SchoolSocial StudiesTaylorMarshall
Kenneth D. King Middle SchoolCompositionRaeganDaniels
Kenneth D. King Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingElizabethCarlton
Kenneth D. King Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingKateCarlton
Kenneth D. King Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingChaseCurtsinger
Kenneth D. King Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingTharunEkambaram
Kentucky Country DayLanguage ArtsNayaSingal
Kentucky Country DayMathematicsAryanAgahtehrani
Kentucky Country DayMathematicsAravAgarwal
Kentucky Country DayQuick RecallAravAgarwal
Kentucky Country DayQuick RecallGopalChandran
Kentucky Country DayQuick RecallPashaDashti
Kentucky Country DayQuick RecallPaigeDavis
Kentucky Country DayQuick RecallGraysonDelgado
Kentucky Country DayQuick RecallAdamDockstader
Kentucky Country DayQuick RecallJacksonEasley
Kentucky Country DayQuick RecallLilaHayden
Kentucky Country DayQuick RecallAshirOuseph
Kentucky Country DayQuick RecallOmarSayied
Kentucky Country DayScienceAryanAgahtehrani
Kentucky Country DaySocial StudiesAryanAgahtehrani
LaRue County Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesColsonNicholas
Letcher Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesNatalieRice
Letcher Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesCarolineSturgill
Letcher Middle SchoolCompositionEmmaCaudill
Letcher Middle SchoolQuick RecallBreannaCantrell
Letcher Middle SchoolQuick RecallNatalieRice
Letcher Middle SchoolQuick RecallCarolineSturgill
Letcher Middle SchoolQuick RecallAsherVanderpool
Letcher Middle SchoolQuick RecallJohnathanWilliams
Letcher Middle SchoolScienceNatalieRice
Lewis County Middle SchoolMathematicsMatthewShope
Lewis County Middle SchoolScienceEthanLung
Lincoln County Middle SchoolSocial StudiesMatthewSneed
Lone Oak Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesJosieGreen
Lone Oak Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsJosieGreen
Lone Oak Middle SchoolMathematicsEllaChuppe
Lone Oak Middle SchoolMathematicsPrathaPatel
Lone Oak Middle SchoolQuick RecallEllaChuppe
Lone Oak Middle SchoolQuick RecallPierceJones
Lone Oak Middle SchoolQuick RecallJackNelson
Lone Oak Middle SchoolQuick RecallLandonNichols
Lone Oak Middle SchoolQuick RecallPrathaPatel
Lone Oak Middle SchoolQuick RecallSofiaRinella
Lone Oak Middle SchoolSocial StudiesLandonNichols
Marion Co. Knight AcademyCompositionJacklynFarmer
Martin County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsRussellMaynard
Martin County Middle SchoolScienceEricksonMills
Martin County Middle SchoolSocial StudiesCollinMills
Mason County Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesLainieForsythe
Mason County Middle SchoolScienceEvanSmith
Mason County Middle SchoolSocial StudiesSamClarke
Mason County Middle SchoolSocial StudiesEvanSmith
Maurice Bowling Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesEmileeWilhoite
Maurice Bowling Middle SchoolSocial StudiesChristianDempsey
McNabb Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesMadisonChandler
McNabb Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsCorbinPellegrinelli
McNabb Middle SchoolMathematicsCorbinPellegrinelli
McNabb Middle SchoolMathematicsCarterWeil
McNabb Middle SchoolQuick RecallMadisonChandler
McNabb Middle SchoolQuick RecallWilsonHatton
McNabb Middle SchoolQuick RecallKeeganMiller
McNabb Middle SchoolQuick RecallLoganPalmer
McNabb Middle SchoolQuick RecallCorbinPellegrinelli
McNabb Middle SchoolQuick RecallJonathanSturgill
McNabb Middle SchoolQuick RecallCarterWeil
McNabb Middle SchoolSocial StudiesWilsonHatton
McNabb Middle SchoolSocial StudiesKeeganMiller
McNabb Middle SchoolSocial StudiesCarterWeil
Meece Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesJohnLackey
Meece Middle SchoolQuick RecallJacksonBurgess
Meece Middle SchoolQuick RecallAlexanderCaden
Meece Middle SchoolQuick RecallGraysonGulock
Meece Middle SchoolQuick RecallNaviKing
Meece Middle SchoolQuick RecallJohnLackey
Meece Middle SchoolQuick RecallQuentinMobley
Meece Middle SchoolQuick RecallIanMuse
Meece Middle SchoolQuick RecallAbbigayleSingleton
Meece Middle SchoolQuick RecallReggieSmith
Meece Middle SchoolQuick RecallNoahTowler
Meece Middle SchoolQuick RecallQuinnWeddle
Meece Middle SchoolSocial StudiesGraysonGulock
Meece Middle SchoolSocial StudiesQuentinMobley
Meyzeek Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesVictoriaFu
Meyzeek Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesEmmaHatfield
Meyzeek Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesAishwaryaRamasamy
Meyzeek Middle SchoolCompositionAkhilaNalladimma
Meyzeek Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingSahanaAlamanda
Meyzeek Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingRyanChapman
Meyzeek Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingRilonCraddock
Meyzeek Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingKalpPoladia
Meyzeek Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsSriramAchaththekoot
Meyzeek Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsSreeyaGangyshetty
Meyzeek Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsChaturyaPaladugu
Meyzeek Middle SchoolMathematicsSamuelKingston
Meyzeek Middle SchoolMathematicsSohanSen
Meyzeek Middle SchoolMathematicsSri SumukhVulava
Meyzeek Middle SchoolQuick RecallVictoriaFu
Meyzeek Middle SchoolQuick RecallSreeyaGangyshetty
Meyzeek Middle SchoolQuick RecallEmmaHatfield
Meyzeek Middle SchoolQuick RecallShashankKamal
Meyzeek Middle SchoolQuick RecallDouglasLin
Meyzeek Middle SchoolQuick RecallChaturyaPaladugu
Meyzeek Middle SchoolQuick RecallVallabhRamesh
Meyzeek Middle SchoolQuick RecallSohanSen
Meyzeek Middle SchoolQuick RecallMaanyaSunkara
Meyzeek Middle SchoolQuick RecallSri SumukhVulava
Meyzeek Middle SchoolQuick RecallMatthewWattenberger
Meyzeek Middle SchoolQuick RecallTanyaWu
Meyzeek Middle SchoolScienceSamuelKingston
Meyzeek Middle SchoolScienceVallabhRamesh
Meyzeek Middle SchoolScienceSohanSen
Meyzeek Middle SchoolSocial StudiesShashankKamal
Meyzeek Middle SchoolSocial StudiesVallabhRamesh
Meyzeek Middle SchoolSocial StudiesTanyaWu
Model Laboratory School (MG)Social StudiesAshvitaSherigar
Monroe County Middle SchoolCompositionClaireMyatt
Morgan County Middle SchoolMathematicsHunterNoble
Morgan County Middle SchoolSocial StudiesJonahO’Quinn
Mountain View Elementary (MG)CompositionKayleigh JoLewis
Mountain View Elementary (MG)Future Problem SolvingEliCrisp
Mountain View Elementary (MG)Future Problem SolvingOliviaFarmer
Mountain View Elementary (MG)Future Problem SolvingAvaNapier
Mountain View Elementary (MG)Future Problem SolvingRoyceOsborne
Mountain View Elementary (MG)Social StudiesCarleeBaker
Muhlenberg North Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesLillyChaney
Muhlenberg North Middle SchoolCompositionCarterCasebier
Muhlenberg North Middle SchoolScienceJacobWhitehouse
Muhlenberg North Middle SchoolSocial StudiesJacobWhitehouse
Muhlenberg South Middle SchoolMathematicsCooperDietrich
Muhlenberg South Middle SchoolScienceGarrettLambert
Muhlenberg South Middle SchoolSocial StudiesLandonNewman
Munfordville Elementary School (MG)Language ArtsTaliaEllis
Munfordville Elementary School (MG)MathematicsKyleRutledge
Murray Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesAmelieJohnson
Murray Middle SchoolCompositionAmelieJohnson
Murray Middle SchoolScienceSelvamAntony
Newport High School (MG)CompositionDanielaCoronado
Newport High School (MG)Language ArtsRiahanaRagster
North Laurel Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesBenBaker
North Laurel Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesAvyGrigsby
North Laurel Middle SchoolCompositionEjAllen
North Laurel Middle SchoolCompositionWillWalton
North Laurel Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsGavinMartin
North Laurel Middle SchoolMathematicsEjAllen
North Laurel Middle SchoolMathematicsBenBaker
North Laurel Middle SchoolMathematicsAdiGupta
North Laurel Middle SchoolScienceBronsonAllen
North Laurel Middle SchoolSocial StudiesBrodyAsher
North Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesJoshSkaggs
North Oldham Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesNoahWeisenberger
North Oldham Middle SchoolCompositionAlexandriaKachalova
North Oldham Middle SchoolCompositionLisa-SophiaKachalova
North Oldham Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsElijahClark
North Oldham Middle SchoolMathematicsCharlieDugan
North Oldham Middle SchoolMathematicsKathleenZhao
North Oldham Middle SchoolQuick RecallElijahClark
North Oldham Middle SchoolQuick RecallBenjaminDavis
North Oldham Middle SchoolQuick RecallCharlieDugan
North Oldham Middle SchoolQuick RecallNicholasFiorini
North Oldham Middle SchoolQuick RecallCooperJudy
North Oldham Middle SchoolQuick RecallZhenyue (jerry)Lu
North Oldham Middle SchoolQuick RecallLanganTaylor
North Oldham Middle SchoolQuick RecallNoahWeisenberger
North Oldham Middle SchoolQuick RecallEllaZilberman
North Oldham Middle SchoolScienceBenjaminDavis
Northern Middle School (Pulaski Co)Future Problem SolvingFionaLautenschlager
Northern Middle School (Pulaski Co)Future Problem SolvingBlakeLeigh
Northern Middle School (Pulaski Co)Future Problem SolvingTristanPatrick
Northern Middle School (Pulaski Co)Future Problem SolvingEliSwift
Northern Middle School (Pulaski Co)ScienceCarsonSammons
Notre Dame Academy (MG)Arts and HumanitiesRyanBritz
Notre Dame Academy (MG)Language ArtsRyanBritz
Ockerman Middle SchoolMathematicsTrishaPuri
Ohio County Middle SchoolSocial StudiesAydenMcIntyre
Old Kentucky Home SchoolSocial StudiesSkylerMerta
Owensboro Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesGeorgiaCalhoun
Owensboro Middle SchoolCompositionEliza BethFrancis
Owensboro Middle SchoolCompositionAlexaSalamah
Owensboro Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsGeorgiaCalhoun
Owensboro Middle SchoolMathematicsLandonBlock
Owensboro Middle SchoolMathematicsColeCrews
Owensboro Middle SchoolMathematicsAlexaSalamah
Owensboro Middle SchoolQuick RecallLandonBlock
Owensboro Middle SchoolQuick RecallLiamBriggs
Owensboro Middle SchoolQuick RecallSamBusse
Owensboro Middle SchoolQuick RecallGeorgiaCalhoun
Owensboro Middle SchoolQuick RecallConnorDennison
Owensboro Middle SchoolQuick RecallKalebHorn
Owensboro Middle SchoolQuick RecallAdrionPerez
Owensboro Middle SchoolQuick RecallKhoaTa
Owensboro Middle SchoolScienceLandonBlock
Paintsville High School (MG)Arts and HumanitiesBrockHorne
Phillip A. Sharp Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesGavinWebster
Phillip A. Sharp Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingJoshuaCraig
Phillip A. Sharp Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingAndrewRedden
Phillip A. Sharp Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingAryannaSoden
Phillip A. Sharp Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingGavinWebster
Phillip A. Sharp Middle SchoolSocial StudiesJacobCraig
Pikeville High School (MG)CompositionAvaHamilton
Pikeville High School (MG)MathematicsColemanHoward
Pikeville High School (MG)ScienceSkylarHu
Ramsey Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsNoraPriddy
Ramsey Middle SchoolScienceMahdiBevab
Ramsey Middle SchoolSocial StudiesMahdiBevab
Reidland Middle SchoolCompositionSkylerFord
Reidland Middle SchoolSocial StudiesSkylerFord
Reidland Middle SchoolSocial StudiesAjRagan
Rockcastle County Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesGracieBurdette
Rockcastle County Middle SchoolScienceAnnaChaliff
Rockcastle County Middle SchoolSocial StudiesHarrisonMullins
Royal Spring Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesLukeGriesser
Royal Spring Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingKeeganBell
Royal Spring Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingSusanBurton
Royal Spring Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingCharlesHolt
Royal Spring Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingLandonPatton
Royal Spring Middle SchoolMathematicsJillianJohnson
Royal Spring Middle SchoolSocial StudiesJaxsonBrewer
Russell Middle SchoolCompositionYasmeenFarhat
Russell Middle SchoolCompositionCeeleyFloyd
Russell Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsAhyaFarhat
Russell Middle SchoolMathematicsJacksonMorris
Russell Middle SchoolScienceJustinJiang
Russell Middle SchoolScienceSaanviSaroch
Russell Middle SchoolScienceSnehanSaroch
Russell Middle SchoolSocial StudiesIanBroun
Sacred Heart Model SchoolCompositionAnnileseBuecker
Sacred Heart Model SchoolCompositionClaraCrawford
Sacred Heart Model SchoolMathematicsBenjimanBlackford
Sacred Heart Model SchoolScienceBenjimanBlackford
Sacred Heart Model SchoolScienceWhitRuml
Sacred Heart Model SchoolSocial StudiesWhitRuml
Samuel V. Noe Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesAnnikaChadha
Samuel V. Noe Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesTabitaHukom
Samuel V. Noe Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesAnnaWallace
Samuel V. Noe Middle SchoolCompositionAlyssaPollard
Samuel V. Noe Middle SchoolCompositionAddisynRice
Samuel V. Noe Middle SchoolCompositionWillaStivers
Samuel V. Noe Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingJordanHartlage
Samuel V. Noe Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingPriyaMidha
Samuel V. Noe Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingMakaylahO’Neil
Samuel V. Noe Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingSavannahSoeder
Samuel V. Noe Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsTabitaHukom
Samuel V. Noe Middle SchoolMathematicsEmmaHyman
Samuel V. Noe Middle SchoolQuick RecallLillianneBerfield
Samuel V. Noe Middle SchoolQuick RecallClaireCarrico
Samuel V. Noe Middle SchoolQuick RecallAnnikaChadha
Samuel V. Noe Middle SchoolQuick RecallRainCouzin
Samuel V. Noe Middle SchoolQuick RecallEthanDeVille
Samuel V. Noe Middle SchoolQuick RecallGavinFulton
Samuel V. Noe Middle SchoolQuick RecallTabitaHukom
Samuel V. Noe Middle SchoolQuick RecallEmmaHyman
Samuel V. Noe Middle SchoolQuick RecallHenryNeumann
Samuel V. Noe Middle SchoolQuick RecallAddisynRice
Samuel V. Noe Middle SchoolQuick RecallAnnaWallace
Samuel V. Noe Middle SchoolQuick RecallJohnWeatherholt
Samuel V. Noe Middle SchoolScienceJohnWeatherholt
Scott County Middle SchoolCompositionEmmaStamper
Scott County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsEmmaAlvear
Scott County Middle SchoolQuick RecallEmmaAlvear
Scott County Middle SchoolQuick RecallKileyChapley
Scott County Middle SchoolQuick RecallCooperDuvall
Scott County Middle SchoolQuick RecallJamesGift
Scott County Middle SchoolQuick RecallLukeHarding
Scott County Middle SchoolQuick RecallAustinRaschella
Scott County Middle SchoolQuick RecallClaytonRoberts
Scott County Middle SchoolQuick RecallEmmaStamper
Scott County Middle SchoolScienceAustinRaschella
Scott County Middle SchoolSocial StudiesEmmaAlvear
Shelby County West Middle SchoolCompositionLelisDupont
Shelby County West Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingDrewBishop
Shelby County West Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingMaddieFerguson
Shelby County West Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingEmilySchulz
Shelby County West Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingKayleeSwallows
Simons Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesKileyRobinson
Simons Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsKileyRobinson
Simons Middle SchoolMathematicsDanielManning
Simons Middle SchoolScienceDanielManning
South Floyd Elementary (MG)Future Problem SolvingIsabellaNewman
South Floyd Elementary (MG)Future Problem SolvingTaylorStumbo
South Floyd Elementary (MG)Future Problem SolvingMadisonSullivan
South Floyd Elementary (MG)Future Problem SolvingLamikaWnek
South Hopkins Middle SchoolCompositionJessicaLawless
South Hopkins Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingJessicaLawless
South Hopkins Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingNatalieOates
South Hopkins Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingLilyPayne
South Hopkins Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingJosieWalker
South Laurel Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesJamieBuenaventura
South Laurel Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesNikkiShah
South Laurel Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesKadenceWhitaker
South Laurel Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsNikkiShah
South Laurel Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsKadenceWhitaker
South Laurel Middle SchoolQuick RecallIlmaAli
South Laurel Middle SchoolQuick RecallNoelleBallard
South Laurel Middle SchoolQuick RecallTimothyBarnes
South Laurel Middle SchoolQuick RecallJamieBuenaventura
South Laurel Middle SchoolQuick RecallJacobCuller
South Laurel Middle SchoolQuick RecallCashEngland
South Laurel Middle SchoolQuick RecallGavinHall
South Laurel Middle SchoolQuick RecallParkerHeuser
South Laurel Middle SchoolQuick RecallNikkiShah
South Laurel Middle SchoolQuick RecallWillWagers
South Laurel Middle SchoolQuick RecallConnorWarren
South Laurel Middle SchoolQuick RecallKadenceWhitaker
South Laurel Middle SchoolScienceJamieBuenaventura
South Laurel Middle SchoolScienceCashEngland
South Laurel Middle SchoolSocial StudiesAlexLooney
South Laurel Middle SchoolSocial StudiesWillWagers
South Laurel Middle SchoolSocial StudiesConnorWarren
South Marshall Middle SchoolCompositionJ.t.Hall
South Warren Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesKorrinGreen
South Warren Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesJaziahShields
South Warren Middle SchoolCompositionAbigailBlais
South Warren Middle SchoolCompositionLiliaCompton
South Warren Middle SchoolCompositionBaylorNewlove
South Warren Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingElsieEspinola
South Warren Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingAdrianaHuggins
South Warren Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingZoe KateJones
South Warren Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingKayleeWilson
South Warren Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsAbigailBlais
South Warren Middle SchoolMathematicsHosamBrula
South Warren Middle SchoolMathematicsAmoghPatnaik
South Warren Middle SchoolQuick RecallSarahBasista
South Warren Middle SchoolQuick RecallAbigailBlais
South Warren Middle SchoolQuick RecallHosamBrula
South Warren Middle SchoolQuick RecallAidenFant
South Warren Middle SchoolQuick RecallMasonGardner
South Warren Middle SchoolQuick RecallKorrinGreen
South Warren Middle SchoolQuick RecallBaylorNewlove
South Warren Middle SchoolQuick RecallAmoghPatnaik
South Warren Middle SchoolQuick RecallCescaPoole
South Warren Middle SchoolQuick RecallJaziahShields
South Warren Middle SchoolQuick RecallVanniedaSun
South Warren Middle SchoolScienceHosamBrula
South Warren Middle SchoolScienceBaylorNewlove
South Warren Middle SchoolScienceAmoghPatnaik
South Warren Middle SchoolSocial StudiesMasonGardner
South Warren Middle SchoolSocial StudiesVanniedaSun
Southern Middle School (Pulaski Co)CompositionMorganMounce
Southern Middle School (Pulaski Co)CompositionMadisonSmith
Southern Middle School (Pulaski Co)Language ArtsMorganMounce
Southern Middle School (Pulaski Co)MathematicsOliverFrey
Southern Middle School (Pulaski Co)MathematicsMadisonSmith
Southern Middle School (Pulaski Co)MathematicsAndrewWolke
Southern Middle School (Pulaski Co)ScienceDuaneKerr
Southern Middle School (Pulaski Co)Social StudiesChandlerWolke
Spencer County Middle SchoolCompositionJasmineDawson
Spencer County Middle SchoolCompositionLaurenSeebold
Spencer County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsJackMassey
Spencer County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsLaurenSeebold
Spencer County Middle SchoolMathematicsJackHart
Spencer County Middle SchoolScienceWillKrause
St. Catherine of Siena (MG)Future Problem SolvingAlexAlarcon
St. Catherine of Siena (MG)Future Problem SolvingCameronDarnell
St. Catherine of Siena (MG)Future Problem SolvingEllaMeyers
St. Catherine of Siena (MG)Future Problem SolvingNathanYoutsey
St. Catherine of Siena (MG)Language ArtsGretaHansbauer
St. Catherine of Siena (MG)MathematicsCameronDarnell
St. Catherine of Siena (MG)Social StudiesMaggieHallau
St. Francis of Assisi School (MG)ScienceIsaacStroud
St. Francis of Assisi School (MG)Social StudiesThomasGalla
St. Francis of Assisi School (MG)Social StudiesLeoReinhart
St. James School (Hardin Co.)CompositionAudreySchemmel-Moyer
St. James School (Hardin Co.)Social StudiesJackStevenson
St. Joseph Cold Spring (Campbell County)MathematicsEvanHerget
St. Joseph Crescent Springs (MG)CompositionAustinWood
St. Joseph Crescent Springs (MG)Language ArtsWillJennings
St. Joseph Crescent Springs (MG)Language ArtsDominicSedler
St. Joseph Crescent Springs (MG)Quick RecallLilyAtzinger
St. Joseph Crescent Springs (MG)Quick RecallJoelBarczak
St. Joseph Crescent Springs (MG)Quick RecallBradyClifton
St. Joseph Crescent Springs (MG)Quick RecallJacksonGermann
St. Joseph Crescent Springs (MG)Quick RecallWillJennings
St. Joseph Crescent Springs (MG)Quick RecallCamrynPeery
St. Joseph Crescent Springs (MG)Quick RecallBrandonRash
St. Joseph Crescent Springs (MG)Quick RecallDominicSedler
St. Joseph Crescent Springs (MG)Quick RecallAustinWood
St. Joseph Crescent Springs (MG)Quick RecallNathanZeck
St. Joseph Crescent Springs (MG)ScienceWillJennings
St. Joseph Crescent Springs (MG)Social StudiesJacksonGermann
St. Joseph School (MG)ScienceJeffersonRamos
St. Joseph School (MG)Social StudiesOwenBrown
St. Joseph School (Nelson Co.)Arts and HumanitiesAbigailEbelhar
St. Joseph School (Nelson Co.)Future Problem SolvingBenIce
St. Joseph School (Nelson Co.)Future Problem SolvingCarolineMattingly
St. Joseph School (Nelson Co.)Future Problem SolvingEliStein
St. Joseph School (Nelson Co.)Future Problem SolvingCalYates
St. Joseph School (Nelson Co.)Language ArtsAbigailEbelhar
St. Joseph School (Nelson Co.)Language ArtsAlexEvans
St. Joseph School (Nelson Co.)Quick RecallAbigailEbelhar
St. Joseph School (Nelson Co.)Quick RecallEthanEbelhar
St. Joseph School (Nelson Co.)Quick RecallAlexEvans
St. Joseph School (Nelson Co.)Quick RecallOliviaHamilton
St. Joseph School (Nelson Co.)Quick RecallBenIce
St. Joseph School (Nelson Co.)Quick RecallRamonaManion
St. Joseph School (Nelson Co.)Quick RecallCarolineMattingly
St. Joseph School (Nelson Co.)Quick RecallGracieOsborne
St. Joseph School (Nelson Co.)Quick RecallMasonPatrick
St. Joseph School (Nelson Co.)Quick RecallBlakeSpalding
St. Joseph School (Nelson Co.)Quick RecallHaydenThomas
St. Joseph School (Nelson Co.)Quick RecallCalYates
St. Joseph School (Nelson Co.)ScienceAlexEvans
St. Joseph School (Nelson Co.)Social StudiesBenIce
St. Patrick School (Mason Co.)Language ArtsJadaDickson
St. Pius X Elementary School (MG)Arts and HumanitiesEmmaWhite
St. Pius X Elementary School (MG)CompositionAbigailTurnpaugh
St. Pius X Elementary School (MG)Language ArtsAbigailTurnpaugh
St. Pius X Elementary School (MG)MathematicsRebeccaRaziano
St. Pius X Elementary School (MG)MathematicsJacobThomas
St. Pius X Elementary School (MG)Quick RecallNicBlanchett
St. Pius X Elementary School (MG)Quick RecallNathanKeinepp
St. Pius X Elementary School (MG)Quick RecallAbigailTurnpaugh
St. Pius X Elementary School (MG)Quick RecallTylerTurnpaugh
St. Pius X Elementary School (MG)Quick RecallEmmaWhite
St. Pius X Elementary School (MG)ScienceLukeDarpel
St. Pius X Elementary School (MG)ScienceTylerTurnpaugh
St. Pius X Elementary School (MG)Social StudiesTylerTurnpaugh
Stinnett Elementary (MG)Arts and HumanitiesPrestonLewis
Stinnett Elementary (MG)CompositionMasonAsher
Stinnett Elementary (MG)CompositionJessaMcQueen
Stinnett Elementary (MG)Future Problem SolvingMadyColeman
Stinnett Elementary (MG)Future Problem SolvingPrestonLewis
Stinnett Elementary (MG)Future Problem SolvingJessaMcQueen
Stinnett Elementary (MG)Future Problem SolvingJaceMorgan
Stinnett Elementary (MG)Language ArtsMasonAsher
Stinnett Elementary (MG)Quick RecallMasonAsher
Stinnett Elementary (MG)Quick RecallCalebCaldwell
Stinnett Elementary (MG)Quick RecallNathanHoward
Stinnett Elementary (MG)Quick RecallNicholasHoward
Stinnett Elementary (MG)Quick RecallMaddieHuff
Stinnett Elementary (MG)Quick RecallPrestonLewis
Stinnett Elementary (MG)Quick RecallJaceMorgan
Stuart Pepper Middle SchoolCompositionLukeSeeyle
T.K. Stone Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesJudeQaisi
T.K. Stone Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesLujayneQaisi
T.K. Stone Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingMichaelBandy
T.K. Stone Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingMeredithDyer
T.K. Stone Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingHaydenWillett
T.K. Stone Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingMichelleZheng
T.K. Stone Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsEmileeStaubs
T.K. Stone Middle SchoolMathematicsLexBratcher
T.K. Stone Middle SchoolMathematicsGehrigGalvin
T.K. Stone Middle SchoolScienceGehrigGalvin
T.K. Stone Middle SchoolSocial StudiesJudeQaisi
Tates Creek Middle SchoolMathematicsDanielLee
Tates Creek Middle SchoolQuick RecallKiitanAdedeji
Tates Creek Middle SchoolQuick RecallJackBeehner
Tates Creek Middle SchoolQuick RecallMayaDavis
Tates Creek Middle SchoolQuick RecallBradynDean
Tates Creek Middle SchoolQuick RecallRylanJack
Tates Creek Middle SchoolQuick RecallNishadJoshi
Tates Creek Middle SchoolQuick RecallAileenKhosravi
Tates Creek Middle SchoolQuick RecallDanielLee
Tates Creek Middle SchoolQuick RecallNatalieMiller
Tates Creek Middle SchoolQuick RecallColemanShofner
Tates Creek Middle SchoolQuick RecallAlexanderStaykov
Tates Creek Middle SchoolQuick RecallCalebWard
Tates Creek Middle SchoolSocial StudiesDanielLee
Taylor County Middle SchoolCompositionPorschaForce
Taylor County Middle SchoolScienceMicahShively
The Frankfort Christian Academy (MG)CompositionBrettHall
Trigg County Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesCamrynBurcham
Trigg County Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsElizabethRedd
Turkey Foot Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesDelaneyMurphy
Turkey Foot Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesLilyWilson
Turkey Foot Middle SchoolCompositionKateWells
Turkey Foot Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsMarleyYeager
Turkey Foot Middle SchoolScienceNolanThompson
Twenhofel Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesLilyPeffer
Twenhofel Middle SchoolCompositionLilyPeffer
University Heights Academy (MG)Arts and HumanitiesEliFinch
University Heights Academy (MG)Arts and HumanitiesLukeHumphries
University Heights Academy (MG)Language ArtsKatieIsaacs
University Heights Academy (MG)Language ArtsElijahWalton
University Heights Academy (MG)MathematicsJacksonFlynn
University Heights Academy (MG)MathematicsRudraPatel
University Heights Academy (MG)Quick RecallAveryFelts
University Heights Academy (MG)Quick RecallEliFinch
University Heights Academy (MG)Quick RecallJacksonFlynn
University Heights Academy (MG)Quick RecallLukeHumphries
University Heights Academy (MG)Quick RecallKatieIsaacs
University Heights Academy (MG)Quick RecallMeganLong
University Heights Academy (MG)Quick RecallRyanLuckey
University Heights Academy (MG)Quick RecallJillianMcCourt
University Heights Academy (MG)Quick RecallRudraPatel
University Heights Academy (MG)Quick RecallAlexisPollard
University Heights Academy (MG)Quick RecallNonaPruitt
University Heights Academy (MG)Quick RecallElijahWalton
University Heights Academy (MG)ScienceRudraPatel
University Heights Academy (MG)Social StudiesLukeHumphries
Villa Madonna Academy (MG)Future Problem SolvingNorieBarker
Villa Madonna Academy (MG)Future Problem SolvingMaddieKrieg
Villa Madonna Academy (MG)Future Problem SolvingIsaacStricker
Villa Madonna Academy (MG)Future Problem SolvingSofiaVirzi
Villa Madonna Academy (MG)Social StudiesIsaacStricker
W.B. Muncy Elementary (MG)MathematicsMeleigahMadden
W.B. Muncy Elementary (MG)ScienceMeleigahMadden
Wallins Junior High SchoolFuture Problem SolvingBradleyBrock
Wallins Junior High SchoolFuture Problem SolvingThomasPolson
Wallins Junior High SchoolFuture Problem SolvingEthanSimpson
Wallins Junior High SchoolFuture Problem SolvingEvanSimpson
Warren East Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsMary KateVance
Wayne County Middle SchoolScienceSophiaBeaudoin
Webster County Middle SchoolCompositionPaigeRakestraw
Webster County Middle SchoolCompositionKennedyWarren
Webster County Middle SchoolSocial StudiesCooperLogan
West Carter Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsAudreyBarker
West Carter Middle SchoolMathematicsMarshallAinsley
West Carter Middle SchoolMathematicsEllisKidwell
West Carter Middle SchoolScienceJordanRichmond
West Jessamine Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesAlexisArp
West Jessamine Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesAlexaSmith
West Jessamine Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsAidanArp
West Jessamine Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsAlexisArp
West Jessamine Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsAlexaSmith
West Jessamine Middle SchoolMathematicsMatthewYuan
West Jessamine Middle SchoolSciencePalmerSchmidt
West Perry Elementary (MG)Arts and HumanitiesBennettShephard
Westport Middle SchoolCompositionIsabellaMartinez
Westport Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingMichelleAguilar
Westport Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingCarsonBaker
Westport Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingIsabellaMartinez
Westport Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingJesseRaymond
Westport Middle SchoolSocial StudiesKyleMertz
Whitesburg Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesCadenCombs
Whitesburg Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsBlaireNewsome
Whitesburg Middle SchoolMathematicsAddyAllman
Whitesburg Middle SchoolScienceGabrielGilliam
Whitesburg Middle SchoolSocial StudiesBrooklynLucas
Whitley County Middle SchoolSocial StudiesKambreeBunch
Williamstown High School (MG)Arts and HumanitiesGabriellaMacAdams
Winburn Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesWinstonFugate
Winburn Middle SchoolArts and HumanitiesAvneeshKudrimoti
Winburn Middle SchoolCompositionLaweenIsmaail
Winburn Middle SchoolCompositionLuciaMoncayo
Winburn Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingHannahKang
Winburn Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingKatherineZhang
Winburn Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingOliviaZhang
Winburn Middle SchoolFuture Problem SolvingWinstonZhuang
Winburn Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsAyaanArain
Winburn Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsSolomonCorkran
Winburn Middle SchoolLanguage ArtsSiddhiViswanath
Winburn Middle SchoolMathematicsArimitsuHorikawa-Strakovsky
Winburn Middle SchoolMathematicsLukeJones
Winburn Middle SchoolMathematicsYiZheng
Winburn Middle SchoolSciencePranavKuna
Winburn Middle SchoolScienceShayaanShahnaz
Winburn Middle SchoolSocial StudiesWinstonFugate
Winburn Middle SchoolSocial StudiesAvneeshKudrimoti
Woodford County Middle SchoolCompositionCarolinaRhea
Woodford County Middle SchoolScienceLukeCissell
Woodland Middle SchoolMathematicsJamesJehn
Wurtland Middle SchoolSocial StudiesMariaMoresea
Wurtland Middle SchoolSocial StudiesOwenNickel
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