Quick Recall Pool Play

State Finals Quick Recall Draws will be posted here at 4:00 PM Eastern March 6.

Match Format

Quick Recall matches *for pool play only* shall feature adjusted time and question constraints. Middle Grades pool play matches will feature 10-minute, 30-question halves, while High School matches will feature 12- minute, 40-question halves.

Once pool play is completed, High School matches are 50 questions per half, untimed. Middle Grades matches are 40 questions per half, untimed.

Pool Play Format

Each team has been drawn into a four-team pool. Each pool contains two Regional Champions and two Regional Runners-up. Each pool plays what amounts to a double-elimination bracket, EXCEPT the loser’s bracket champion does not return to play the undefeated winner’s bracket Pool Champion.

Middle Grades

After three rounds of pool play, we are left with 12 undefeated Pool Champions, and 12 Pool Runners-up. These teams draw into a 24-team single elimination bracket. In a 24-team single elimination bracket, eight teams get a “bye.” Those eight teams are chosen by blind draw from among the twelve Pool Champions. The remaining sixteen teams–the  four Pool Champions which did not draw a bye, plus the twelve Pool Runners-up–play in Round 4 Sunday. Pool runners-up must be placed in the bracket opposite their pool champions. The eight teams that win Round 4 matches advance to Monday’s 16-team single elimination bracket.

High School

The High School bracket mirrors the Middle Grades bracket, except that in Round 3, Pool Champions play each other in Sectional Championships:

  • Section 1:  Pool A Champion v Pool B Champion
  • Section 2:  Pool C Champion v Pool D Champion
  • Section 3:  Pool E Champion v Pool F Champion
  • Section 4:  Pool G Champion v Pool H Champion

This yields the following setup for creating the Monday Round of 16 bracket:

  • 8 Pool Runners-Up
  • 4 Section Champions
  • 4 Section Runners-Up

Teams who finish as a Pool Runner-Up to a Section Champion will be paired against a Section Runner-Up.  Teams who finish as a Pool Runner-Up to a Section Runner-Up will be paired against a Section Champion.

Teams will not be drawn in the same grouping as a team from their pool, and the earliest they could face off is in the semifinals. For example: the Pool A Champion also wins the Sectional match and is now a Section Champion. The Pool A Runner-Up would play the Section 2 or 3 Champion, thus preventing a second round match against a team from the same pool.

After Round 3, we will hold the draw to place the Pool Runners-Up into the Round of 16.

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